FAQ & Troubleshooting (Installation / Upgrade)

  • How to install a language pack

    Download the language pack(s) you need from http://locales.b2evolution.net . Unzip the downloaded language pack(s) it into the /locales folder that you will find in your b2evolution file structure. If possible unzip your language-packs into the right…More »
  • If I upgrade, will I lose my posts, comments, settings, uploaded files, etc. ?

    Short answer: no! :) Long answer: The posts, comments, users, settings, etc. are stored in a MySQL database which is not part of your b2evolution file structure. It is next to impossible to accidentally overwrite and erase that data. It is even quite…More »
  • Where do I need to upload the files for upgrade?

    The upgrade procedure requires that you overwrite the old b2evolution files with the new files from the new release (and after that you should run the install/upgrade script). If you are unsure where to upload the new files, try to locate the file call…More »
  • I upgraded and now feature X doesn't work any more

    It happens frequently that some third party skins or plugins are not designed to use only the official API of b2evolution. Many are hacking into the core which creates problems on upgrade. If you are using a custom skin, start by switching back to a st…More »
  • Media File & evocache Permission Errors

    If you are reading this, you probably encountered a file permission error within your /media directory. The /media directory is the directory on your server where b2evolution will store all the files/images you upload to your blog. Apparently, b2evolu…More »
  • System requirements

    In a nutshell: you need a webserver with PHP 5 and MySQL 5 or later.More »
  • Unexpected SQL Error during upgrade

    This is a very annoying error kind of error! First let us be extremely clear about 2 things: 1) you should always backup your site, and especially your database before attempting an upgrade. 2) this kind of error does NOT happen randomly. It happens…More »
  • Unable to download automatic updates

    If your b2evolution installation cannot reach b2evolution.net to download updates, check any firewalls that may block the download. For example, on RedHat servers you may need to disable or change the configuration rules of SELinux.More »
  • I'm having weird redirect issues

    If you’re having redirects you can’t explain, especially redirect loops, check the following: Clear your cache If you are having redirects you should not have, first clear your browser cache. Completely! If a wrong redirect is set once as a…More »
  • FTP 101: How to upload and manage files on your web server

    This page tells you what you need to know to upload files to your web server and mange them using FTP, which stands for **File Transfer Protocol**, in case you wonder. This page tells you what you need…More »
  • When I do X I get a blank page or only a half page

    Short answer: your PHP is either out of memory or out of allowed execution time!More »
  • Will my database be affected if I upgrade? (And will I be able to revert to previous version?)

    General rule Short Answer: Yes, as a general rule, the upgrade will make changes to your database! This means it is very important to have a backup of your existing system (database and files) before performing an upgrade. This way, if something is n…More »
  • "Warning: Cannot modify header information"

    If you get this error, it is most likely you recently changed something in a file. The error is often caused by added whitespace (space or line feed) *before* the first <?php or *after* the closing ?>. You can remove the error by opening the f…More »
  • Solutions to common upgrade problems

    Issue: I am running a minor upgrade (e.g., from version a.b.x to a.b.y) Solution: There is no need to upgrade the database. When you run the install script, do not worry if it doesn’t seem to do anything. If the admin works without telling you to…More »
  • I get file permission errors. How do I fix them?

    Please see the following pages: Directory And File Permissions Media File Permission Errors ((security/))More »
  • Troubleshooting Cookie Issues

    Short answer: your $baseurl is not configured properly. (Or you are not using the same URL to connect.)More »
  • Make a Backup

    A b2evolution blog is made up of two distinct parts: the b2evolution program files (which includes your site layout, the backoffice, etc.) and your MySQL? database (which contains all your posts, comments, users, but not your uploaded files/images). Wh…More »
  • 403 Forbidden

    If your get an error like this: 403 Forbidden You don’t have permission to access /admin.php on this server. Additionally, a 403 Forbidden error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.[i] There are 2 typical…More »