Moving your b2evolution Site

  • Moving to Another Server

    Change servers in a few simple steps If you have an existing b2evolution blog (or multiple blogs) and you need to change servers here are the steps you should take to get up and running again: # Backup your existing blog ‘'’database”…More »
  • Restoring a database backup

    A database backup is typically an SQL file with a name like b2evo_db.sql or b2evo_db.sql.gz. Th .gz at the end means the file is compressed with gzip. If you want to restore such a backup on your existing or a new server, there are several ways: I…More »
  • Moving to Another Folder

    Moving b2evolution to a different folder on you server is extremely easy. Suppose you were on and you now want to be on or even All you need to do is move your files on the…More »