Advanced Setup

  • Install all test features

    When option "Also install all test features." is selected on install screen b2evolution installs additional test features with informing with yellow message like what you can see on the image: [image:8710] Full list of the test features: On…More »
  • Local / test / intranet installation

    When checkbox "This is a local / test / intranet installation." is enabled on the installer screen: Turn off gravatar for user profiles Setting "Default gravatars" is set to "Gravatar", otherwise "Default…More »
  • Intranet setup

    Using b2evolution on an intranet isn’t much different from a regular internet installation. However, in some cases there might be specifics, which we will list below. During Setup The installer screen has a checkbox for intranet installs. Make…More »
  • After Installation / Upgrade

    Completing installation Once your installation is done and basically working, there are still a few tricky things you should definitely take care of: * When you edit any of the config files, be careful ‘'’not to add any extra blank lines&…More »
  • Setting up the Scheduler

  • Multi-Domain Setup

  • Multiple instances

    b2evolution can handle multiple blogs, multiple site sections, multiple domains and multiple sites by default on a single installation. Thus it is generally unnecessary to install it multiple times on a single site/web hosting account or even a single…More »
  • File Permissions

  • How to change the location of admin.php

    When moving the dispatcher file or admin.php from its default location in the root of the application to a sub-folder we will need to change the admin interface dispatcher configuration and we may also need to update the dispatcher file itself. To…More »
  • Getting a Google API key

    Go to : Then Create an OAuth client ID:More »
  • Getting a GitHub API key

    Go to : Then Create an OAuth App:More »