• General Post Type Settings

    Post Type Usage In b2evolution version 6.7, this lets you specify the usage of the post type. There are basically 3 different kinds of usages: Posts that will appear in the flow of posts/news. Typically: posts, manual pages, forum topics, photo albums,… more »
  • Post type Features

    This is where you configure if this post type will require a Title, a content Text, if that text can be HTML, if there can be teaser and page breaks, if files can be attached and if the post can be featured (e-g: Featured/Intro Post Widget). more »
  • Use of Advanced Properties

  • Use of Location

  • Use of Comments

    When comments are closed for a post, comments previously entered on this post are still displayed. When comments are disabled for a post, comments previously entered on this post are NO longer displayed. more »
  • Use of Custom Fields

    Read the Custom Fields page for more information on creating custom fields. more »

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It is possible to add select box or radio button in custom field . please explain

2018-08-06 @ 13:25

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@kalavathi no it is not currently possible; We may add this but please describe a use case of why you need it.

2018-08-06 @ 15:44

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