• General settings

    This man page refers to b2evolution version Default User Rights Display Options Archive mode: choose how you want to group posts when listing the archives. This also applies to the edit page in the backoffice. Note on weekly archives: the… more »
  • Auto Upgrade

    This is an experimental feature allowing b2evolution to automatically upgrade itself. There are still quite a few cases in which this feature can fail (like insufficient memory on the server). Therefore we do not recommend you use it at this time, unle… more »
  • Upgrade from SVN

    This feature is very similar to Auto-Upgrade but it allows to pull a version of b2evolution from an SVN repository. This is only useful if you have set up an SVN repository for the development of your website. more »
  • Testing Tools Tab

    This tab gives several tools to test your server. It especially allows you to create a lot of sample contents to stress your database and then see the performance impact on your server once you use b2evolution on your server under high load conditions.… more »
  • Antispam Tips

    Are you getting traffic from search engines for something that a referer spammer faked into your stats page? Would you like to keep your referer data and stats page visible to visitors but stop the undesirable traffic? If so this is the place for you.… more »
  • Suspect Users

    There are several occasions when b2evolution can have a hint that a user is suspect: When he registers from a suspect IP range … more »
  • Spam detection relevance weight

    This is relevant if you have spam detection plugins installed. more »
  • Comments/Feedback

  • Settings Tab

    This is the tab for editing settings that apply to all blogs on your installation of b2evolution. Here you can set the default blog, change language settings and install plugins. There are several sub-tabs, and each is dealt with in a section below.… more »
  • Send reminders about unread messages

    Typically this scheduled task should run often but a person with unread messages should only receive one message every 72 hours. So this scheduled task will find users who: * have unread messages created more than 24 hours ago * and have not been rem… more »
  • Email Deliverability

    Email Deliverability is a tough, yet important subject when you try to send emails from your website. We’ll try to summarize the most important stuff here! The Problem A majority of email messages on the Internet are spam. Therefore most email… more »
  • Operating Rules

    Messaging and Contacts rules Contacts rules # Every user who has different messaging permission except "No Access" has a contact list, and they can add/delete contacts from their own contact list. When A user creates a new B user contact th… more »
  • Contacts list

    This is your Contacts List. It shows all the other Users you have exchanged messages with. It also shows the users you have blocked from contacting you. To better manage your contacts list, you can sort them into contact groups. more »
  • User Field Group Form

    This is form you use to create or edit a group of custom user fields. First create the group, then add some fields. You can also move fields by editing them and changing the group they belong to. more »
  • User Fields List

    Here you can define User Fields that Users will be able to add to their User Profile?. You can define some of these fields as mandatory. more »
  • User Field Form

    This is the form you use to create or edit a custom user field. more »
  • Invitation Code Edit Form

    This is the form you use to create or edit an invitation code. Group When a user registers with this invitation code, he will automatically get assigned to this group. Code This is the secret invitation code the user needs to enter to be able to… more »
  • Invitation Codes List

    Copy the link from the "Link" column and send it to your users in order to invite them through a link. more »
  • User Account

    Anyone with a user account in b2evolution. More info: Managing Users more »
  • Session Settings

    Session Timeout * The Default session timeout can be set under the Users/User settings/Profiles tab, but each user may set his own session timeout value under the User Preferences tab. * After this limit has passed since the user is not active the ses… more »
  • Top referring search engines

    This shows you which search engines have been referring the most visitors to your web site after they searched for something on their engine. more »
  • Search Keywords List

    This tab shows you a list of all keyphrases that have been uses to search content on your site. Refered searches This is the number of times a keyphrase has been searched through a search engine. It is important to note that b2evolution can only record… more »
  • Search browser hits tab

    This tab shows details reffered to the search hits, keywords and top search engines that leads to hit your site. more »
  • Referer Types

    When b2evolution receives an HTTP Referer with a page request, it will do several things. As part of the built in hit-logging, it will classify the referer as one of the following: Direct if no referer was passed. It then looks like a direct hit to… more »
  • Referring domains tab

    A referring domain can be something like "bing.com" which would be a search engine referrer or also "someshadysite.biz" which would be a spammer site. The Type of each can be used to specify which type of site it is, in order to bet… more »
  • All Hits tab

    This allows you to see all hits on your b2evolution installation and filter or search them in multiple ways. more »
  • Likes

    This tab lets you see which files (especially photos) have received the most likes or the most dislikes. The liking/disliking typically happens in the colorbox popups when uses click to zoom a photo. more »
  • File Type Editing

    Extensions A file type may have several synonymous extensions such as jpg and jpeg File type name This is the name that identifies the type for humans Mime type This is the name that identifies the type for web browsers, email clients and other computer… more »
  • Messaging Plugin Settings

    This allows to define which renderer plugins get applies to Private Messages exchanged between users. See: Plugin / Apply Rendering more »
  • User Levels

    In previous versions, users levels allowed to control access to some features, but this is now controlled much more precisely by the User Permissions. DEPRECTAED - In previous versions here is what user levels would allow: Level 1 and above Ability to… more »