Modifying evoSkins

  • How to add custom CSS

    With CSS code, you can easily change the colors, sizes, margin, fonts and other presentation attributes of your web pages. Each b2evolution Skin comes with a CSS file that defines the presentation styles of that skin. Most b2evolution skins also offer… more »
  • Template function parameters

    When you look at the provided Introducing Templates/EvoSkins? you will see function calls like this for example: <?php the_time() ?> ...which will display the time of the current post, using the default time format. However, many of these function… more »
  • Edit Evoskins

    CSS files Being able to change between pre-made evoskins is great, but sometimes you want to customize your skin a little further. If you just want to change colors, column widths or background images, then all you need to do is edit the css file for… more »
  • Evoskin and A Template

    The following refers to b2evolution version: 0.8.2-RC2 and is obsolete. See 2.0. What’s the difference between an evoskin and a template? *An evoskin is actually a collection of templates and subtemplates which control the layout of your blog. Sk… more »
  • Editing Templates

    This page applies to b2evo 1.x. For versions 2.x and above please… more »