• Introduction to Plugins

    Plugins allow you to extend b2evolution with features that are not included in the the core. Plugins provide additional functionality by taping into hooks that are provided by the b2evolution core.More »
  • Renderer Plugins

    Renderer plugins are plugins that will process the text of a blog Post or Item and render it in a more complex way than just plain text. Examples of this include: creating paragraphs, creating bold text, creating links, inserting images, inserting vide…More »
  • Plugin development

    How about developing your own b2evolution plugin?
  • Plugin / Apply Rendering

    Apply rendering defines if and when a Renderer Plugin should apply its rendering method.More »
  • Widget Plugins

    Widget Plugins are just regular Plugins like all the others. When we call one a "Widget Plugin" though, it means that it provides an additional Widget for b2evolution to use in the Collection Widgets List?. A Plugin can provide Widget…More »