• Plugin API for item settings

    Each plugin may set its own settings for the items. These settings will be stored in the database and can be requested any time, when the Item object is available. How to set a custom setting: PHP$Item->set_setting( 'setting_name', $setti…More »
  • URL Parameters

    This man page refers to b2evolution version: 1.6 "phoenix" b2evolution relies a lot on the querystring, these variables passed with the URL (note: to pass variables in the querystring, preceed the first variable name with a '?' question mark and every…More »
  • Roadmap & Unified Process

    People often ask about a roadmap for b2evolution. How odd! Not only don’t we have a roadmap, but we certainly don’t plan having one. Sounds amateurish to you? Read on! b2evolution development embraces the Unified Process approach to softw…More »
  • Charset Handling

    Input/Output Charset b2evolution 1.8 and above will attempt to convert all data it outputs to the ‘'’$io_charset”’ . Versions 0.x did not do any conversion. Charset conversion requires that the PHP mb_strings extension is avai…More »
  • Date Format

    b2evolution accepts the standard PHP date format syntax as well as some extended format options in order to handle translated/localized names for days & months.More »
  • Technical Documentation

    The Technical Documentation is where you can find information about the code of b2evolution, extracted directly from the code itself but placed together in a readable and rich envrionment. It is useful to find events that your plugins can use, or inform…More »
  • Image Sizes

    In several places, b2evolution lets you select an "Image Size" a.k.a. "Thumbnail Size" for the images you display. In the name of the sizes you will find the following: type : fit will preserve the image dimensions ratio a…More »
  • Database Model / EER Diagram

    Starting with b2evolution 6.10.5 a database model including an EER Diagram is included in the source tree under /_db/b2evo_schema.mwb. This file can be opened with MySQL Workbench (Free software). This is useful for developers who want to understand how…More »
  • How username autocomplete works

    1) We search logins on the current page only when entered login length is less 4 chars. I.e. when we enter @use we still search only on the current page between html elements with class user and login (e.g. <span class="user login…More »
  • Common Helper CSS Classes

    b2evolution includes some default CSS classes that can be applied to various Widgets and/or Short Tags in order to easily control some display aspects. If these are not sufficient, you can also add your own classes. For widgets children-widgets-inline…More »
  • Responsive images

    For clarity, we will talk only about width in the following text. Consider the height of the images to follow proportionally. When an <img src="image.jpg"> is displayed, that image.jpg is loaded from the server with specific pixel…More »

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