Introducing evoSkins

  • evoSkin Structure

    evoSkins are basically collections of template files inside of a skin folder. This is the organization of templates inside a skin folder. Main templates At the very least, a skin folder like /skins/myskin2 must contain a main template file named in…More »
  • Introducing evoSkins

    This man page refers to b2evolution version: 0.9 What are evoSkins? evoSkins are skins for your b2evolution blog. If you've ever used any skin-enabled software (like WinAMP) you probably get the idea! In a nutshell, evoSkins have two main benefits…More »
  • Working With Skins

    An evoSkin is actually a collection of templates and subtemplates which control the layout of your blog. Skins are the easiest way to customize your blog because they are already packaged for use. Skins in b2evolution are roughly the equivalent of what…More »