• Locale Date Time Format Strings

    The following characters are recognized in the format strings while creating / editing a Locale a - "am" or "pm" A - "AM" or "PM" B - Swatch Internet time c - ISO 8601 date (Requires PHP 5); i.e. "2004-02… more »
  • Change History of an Item

    Note: on collections of type "Manual" the revision history can also be accessed from the front office by a link at the bottom of each page (for editors only). more »
  • Plugins Available For Installation

    This screen displays a list of plugins that are available for installation along with plugins that are already installed. more »
  • Unexpected SQL Error during upgrade

    This is a very annoying error kind of error! First let us be extremely clear about 2 things: 1) you should always backup your site, and especially your database before attempting an upgrade. 2) this kind of error does NOT happen randomly. It happens… more »
  • Upgrading your database to UTF-8

    Nowdays using UTF-8 as character encondig is almost a must. If you want to know what we are talking about please read this: UTF-8 Encoding and is you need to go a little deeper, please try with this: Unicode. No that we are in context then is good to l… more »
  • Optimizing a SELECT Query

    When you have a slow running SELECT query, it may have 2 reasons You don’t have the proper index on your table to let the WHERE conditions filter efficiently. You have too many joins that join a lot of data before being able to discard unn… more »
  • Publish an XML Site Map

    In b2evolution v6+, XML Sitemaps are generated automatically and can be accessed by adding ?tempskin=_sitemap to the URL of your collection. Example: https://your-site.com/your-collection-name/?tempskin=_sitemap . Notes: This feature is only active if… more »
  • How do I locate the ID of any collection?

    Sometimes you will need to know the ID of a particular collection in order to perform a variety of actions. This ID is an unique integer number that identifies your collection under the b2evolution instance. To locate this number please follow this ste… more »
  • Wiki Tables Plugin

    This renderer plugin allows you to create tables in your posts using the Wiki tables markup. This plugin is bundled with b2evolution version 6.x+ more »
  • Managing Photo/Media Collections

    Beyond text, b2evolution is very well suited for presenting photos, videos and other media files. There are basically 2 kinds of presentation for media content: A photoblog / media blog. In this kind of presentation you see a blog with one photo/v… more »
  • APM

    APM means Application Performance Monitoring. It consists of monitoring the performance of your application (here b2evolution) on your Web Server. b2evolution natively supports monitoring with New Relic. more »
  • New Relic

    NewRelic.com is an online Application Performance Monitoring APM solution. b2evolution is instrumented to send custom metrics to New Relic when New Relic is installed. Installation Refer to the NewRelic.com signup procedure to learn how to install… more »
  • MyISAM vs InnoDB

    MySQL supports multiple storage engines, amongst which MyISAM and InnoDB are the most widely used. Each has its own advantages and there is no final rule on which is best. Oftentimes, using a mix of both will provide the best balance between data integr… more »
  • HTTP Referer

    The HTTP Referer header is a header that is transmitted with the HTTP request when a link is clicked on one page and a new page is requested through HTTP. This allows Analytics to track where a user is coming from or what path a user is following on th… more »
  • Fallback position

    When a plugin can not handle a file but contains a fallback mechanism, then it will search in between the linked files to the item for any file suitable to retry whatever process it does. The potential files will be those whose name is exactly the same… more »
  • Teaser position

    Image files set as "Teaser" position are meant to be the reference for the item whose they are linked to. In most cases, this image appears at the top of the item, when it is displayed on the disp=single? screen. Also, at the disp=posts? scree… more »
  • After more position

    Files set as "After more" position at the Linked Files Manager are shown in the disp=single? screen after the tag <!-- more -->. In those cases when the item does not content the mentioned tag, then the files are shown right at the end o… more »
  • Album art position

    The file set as Album art position is shown as the thumbnail of an Album/Item at the Photo Albums Skin. Only one file could be set on this position and it will not be displayed explicitly in the album. more »
  • Inline position

    The Inline is a position that could be set to files linked to an item in the Post Attachments Fieldset, and let you to show the file directly in the text of the item. Currently, this position may be assigned only to image files. If you want to know more… more »
  • Quick moderation

    A mechanism that lets Moderators approve or reject comments very quickly with 2 clicks starting from their email notifications. This feature includes a link in the new comment email notifications that let the authorized users to directly moderate a… more »
  • Ping

    In blog sites context, this mechanism consists in send an specific message to other site every time a new post has been published. There are plenty of reasons to use this and they lay over your needs and the service provided by the remote host. For… more »
  • Show images in my RSS when option "Post excerpts" is selected

    By default, when you set the RSS mode of your blog as Post excerpts RSS/Atom feeds, and due the post excerpts are composed exclusively with text, your images will not be linked in the final XML file. In order to include your images set as teaser, you… more »
  • How to - Use "honeypots" in your forms

    This manual is made only for version 5.0.6 Contact form File: /blogs/inc/_core/_param.funcs.php… more »
  • Chicago admin skin preferences

    This preferences will be available in the Advanced preferences tab only if the Chicago admin skin is selected. . Show evobar. Let you show / hide the evobar. . Show breadcrumbs path. Let you to show / hide the breadcrumbs path. Note: if you hide uncheck… more »
  • How do I know the ID of a post

    The ID of a post is a sequential and unique number which is automatically generated by b2evolution when you create a new post, and lets the system identify that post in all the action to come. In general, it wouldn’t be necesary to know that… more »
  • Working with the Open Graph Protocol

    The Open Graph Protocol intends to turn any website in a social graph. The main idea behind this movement is to provide a simple and common way to share contents through social networks, letting social network providers to be able to manage incoming… more »
  • Easy monetizing of your blog with AdSense

    Why should I monetize my website? The more success you have with your blog / website, the more time and money you’re going to invest to update it and host it properly. At some point you may think: wouldn’t it just be nice to have my site pay… more »
  • GeoIP plugin - Find Registration Country for all Users

    The GeoIP Plugin let automatically find out all the users without registration country and compare the IP address from they created their account or connected to the site from the first time, compare it against the database and try to match it… more »
  • Include an image rollover in a post

    In this simple tutorial you will learn how to include rollover images in your posts. The final result will be having and image like this more »
  • [image:] Short Tag

    This short tag will insert the attached file as a responsive image (typically using the full width of the text column) with optional caption. more »