• Introduction to Plugins

    Plugins allow you to extend b2evolution with features that are not included in the the core. Plugins provide additional functionality by taping into hooks that are provided by the b2evolution core. more »
  • Installed Plugins

    Plugins add functionality to your weblog.If you are looking out for specific set of features or services to be added to your blog, then you might want to check already installed plugins which offer you this service. more »
  • Plugin / Apply Rendering

    ‘'’Apply rendering”’ defines when a Plugin? should apply to rendering. This is currently only used when [[Item|Items]] get displayed ("rendered"). This setting can be changed in the [[Settings_tab#Plugins|Plugin Setti… more »
  • Plugins Available For Installation

    1 The name of the plugin. If you click on any of them, it will redirect you to the information view of about the plugin. A short description about the plugin. The version of the plugin. Help icons. The info icon will shows you basic informatio… more »

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