• This tab shows a list of currently scheduled jobs. Each line represents a job that is pending (waiting to be executed), currently executing (started), or has already executed: Finished, Timed out, Error. more »
  • Warning: The following assumes you have your own Linux server with root access. Blindly following this procedure may lead to breaking your Linux setup. DO NOT do this if you don’t understand it. Use this page only as a guideline. Running the… more »
  • This page recaps all settings possible for the various possible scheduled jobs. more »
  • This solution isn’t as good as setting up a Linux cron job by far, but we mentioned it since cPanel is very widespread and somewhat easier to set up. So if your host uses cPanel as a web configuration interface, you can go to the "cron… more »
  • Warning: The following assumes you have administrative access to the Windows server where b2Evolution is served from and that the Task Scheduler service is enabled. These instructions are valid for Windows Server 2000 and 2003. They will probably work… more »
  • The Execution details panel shows details about the scheduled task as it is recorded in the scheduler log. more »
  • This form lets you create a new Scheduled Job. more »
  • Job details displays the information about the scheduled job as it is recorded in the queue. more »
  • This screen displays the result of the execution of the next scheduled job in queue. This enables you test b2evolution’s internal scheduler. However this is not how the scheduler should normally run. You should normally set up a Unix cron job to… more »

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