• [file:] Short Tag

    This short tag will show a link icon that will open the specified attached file when clicked. more »
  • [inline:] Short Tag

    The short tag [inline:] will insert the attached image file as a very simple tag pointing to the original file. more »
  • How do I find the URL of an image hosted in my site?

    If you need to find out the URL of any image hosted in your b2evolution site, all you need to do is follow these steps: Go to the File manager and find the image. Click on the thumbnail of the image to open it in a modal window. Ckick the link… more »
  • Email Deliverability

    Email Deliverability is a tough, yet important subject when you try to send emails from your website. We’ll try to summarize the most important stuff here! more »
  • Command Line Tools for localization

    GNU Gettext This will allow you to use the xgettext tool to extracts strings from PHP files. New versions of b2evolution will be able to do this by introspection but just in case you need it in the meantime… If you’re on OS X, you can… more »
  • Admin Interface

    A synonym for the Back-office. more »
  • Logged-in User

    A logged-in User is a Site Visitor who has identified herself with the User Credentials? (login and password) of her User Account. more »
  • Owner

    a User with special privileges. In b2evolution there are basically two contexts for a Owner: Collection Owner: The owner of a Collection will have almost all permissions on that Collection’s settings and contents. A few special settings (which are… more »
  • UI

    UI means User Interface, i-e the menus, forms, buttons, links and other elements that let you interact with b2evolution. more »
  • Collection Member

    A Logged In User can be declared to be a Member of a Collection through the Advanced Permissions system. See List of Permissions. Being a Collection Member may allow him to see contents that non-members may not see. more »
  • Themes

    In b2evolution, a theme is called a Skin. By the way: did you know that b2evolution pioneered the concept of Skins 2 years before WordPress started supporting themes? You might be interested in this: Evolution of b2, 180° from WordPress!. more »
  • CCMS

    Content + Community Management System. b2evolution is a CCMS. more »
  • Meta Category

    A Meta Category is a particular type of Category used to "categorize categories". More pragmatically, a Meta Category can contain sub-categories but it cannot contain Posts directly. A meta category is often used to group Forums together for… more »
  • Internationalization (i18n) Guidelines

    General Rule All strings in PHP that need to be translated to a different language should be included in the T_() function like this: on your strings. This is the case for: Debug messages, including: all messages that appear in the debug info at the… more »
  • Translation Guidelines

    These guidelines are for Translators. What tool to use As explained here, the best way to work on translation for your language is to use the Transifex online service. Transifex has the following distinctive features: If multiple translators translate… more »
  • OVH.com - Creating a database

    This page explains how to create a MySQL database if your web host is OVH. If the contents of this page don’t make sense, start with the Installation Guide first. The screenshots are in French because OVH is mostly used in France. 0) Open the OVH… more »
  • contact.php

    This is a script that displays a contact form allowing to contact the owner of the b2evolution installation. This file no longer ships with b2evolution v6+ because the same functionality is provided in a more integrated way. However you can download… more »
  • Base URL ($baseurl)

    Base URL of b2evolution The Base URL of your b2evolution installation is the web address you use to access the directory where b2evolution is installed on your web server. When you type this URL into a web browser you access the default collection/blog… more »
  • I'm having weird redirect issues

    If you’re having redirects you can’t explain, especially redirect loops, check the following: Clear your cache If you are having redirects you should not have, first clear your browser cache. Completely! If a wrong redirect is set once as a… more »
  • File Root

    The /media/ directory contains different subfolders that represent different File Roots. Each file root contains a different hierarchy of files and has different access permissions. In the File Manager there is a drop down menu which allows you to… more »
  • Messaging Renderer Plugin Settings

    This tab allows admins to define which Renderer Plugins get applied to private messages exchanged between users. more »
  • "Who's Online?" Widget

    This widget displays a list of the users currently online (based on a timeout you can define). Due to the very nature of the WWW, the "who’s online?" session tracker can only offer an approximate view of who’s actually online.… more »
  • Skin Quality Control

    When you develop a new skin, you should check that it matches a set of standards so that it will work effectively in a variety of situations, for a variety of users and so that it is as much future poof as possible (best compatibility with future… more »
  • Container

    A Container, in the context of b2evolution Skins, is a space in a skin where a Collection Admin can insert Widgets in any order he wants to. Adding and ordering widgets is done entirely though the Back Office and does not require editing code. Adding… more »
  • Widget

    A Widget is a display element the administrator can place into a Container in order to display something specific at this place. There are many different widgets available and each can be configured in a variety of ways. Skin designers only add widget… more »
  • Using HTML 5 tags

    b2evolution 6.4.1 uses HTML 5 semantic tags in the Skin API v6 by default. This page explains how the tags are used on b2evolution skins v6. IMPORTANT: these tags are for semantic markup. Imagine you are blind and you listen to an audio screen-reader.… more »
  • Using Custom Item Templates

    When you edit a post type, you can define a custom template. This custom template will be used when displaying the Item/Post/Page in the front office. Let’s illustrate this with an example… An example Back-Officde Set up Let’s set up a… more »
  • Teaser

    The Teaser part of a Post/Item is the first section of the post, i-e: the section between the beginning and the marker [teaserbreak]. By default, b2evolution will only display the "Teaser part" of a post while browsing a Blog/Collection and… more »
  • New Collection Created!

    Congratulations! At this point your collection is now live! You can see it in the Front Office. You can start adding content to it or continue customizing it some more using the tabs you see on this screen… more »
  • Group Level

    The level assigned to a User Group. Primary usage This is used primarily for user moderation. See UserModerator . The Group Level can be edited here: General Settings The group level is different from the User Level because User Moderators can change… more »