• .htaccess File

    In the /blogs folder there should be a file called .htaccess . This file optimizes the way the Apache web server works with b2evolution? If you used the standard b2evolution installer, this file will probably be already set up properly. However, if in… more »
  • Media File & evocache Permission Errors

    If you are reading this, you probably encountered a file permission error within your /media directory. The /media directory is the directory on your server where b2evolution will store all the files/images you upload to your blog. Apparently, b2evolu… more »
  • php.ini file

    php.ini is the configuration file for PHP. It is not part of b2evolution. Its location varies and depends on your server setup. You typically won’t need to touch this file unless your are maintaining your own VPS or dedicated server. Settings yo… more »
  • Plugin API for item settings

    Each plugin may set its own settings for the items. These settings will be stored in the database and can be requested any time, when the Item object is available. How to set a custom setting: PHP$Item->set_setting( 'setting_name', $setti… more »
  • Working with Results Tables

    Now that we have meet the backoffice, you will notice there are several lists of different sort of things. more »
  • Setting up a multidomain test environment

    This man page refers to b2evolution "phoenix" First, when testing a single domain, you should always use localhost and not the IP address of your machine, nor the windows name of your machine. Trust our experience that cookies may act weird on the IP… more »
  • System requirements

    In a nutshell: you need a webserver with PHP 5 and MySQL 5 or later. more »
  • User Levels

    In previous versions, users levels allowed to control access to some features, but this is now controlled much more precisely by the User Permissions. DEPRECTAED - In previous versions here is what user levels would allow: Level 1 and above Ability to… more »
  • URL Parameters

    This man page refers to b2evolution version: 1.6 "phoenix" b2evolution relies a lot on the querystring, these variables passed with the URL (note: to pass variables in the querystring, preceed the first variable name with a '?' question mark and every… more »
  • b2evolution Vision / Main Use Cases

    It is assumed that readers have a general knowledge of the World Wide Web. These are very high level use cases. Detailed use cases are linked underneath (when available). Blog tool Motivation: publishing news/information easily and efficiently o… more »
  • Site Admin or System Admin

    The person who administrates a particular b2evolution installation. Wikipedia more »
  • Blogger

    A person who publishes on a Blog. Wikipedia Synonym for Author. more »
  • Confusing SPAMbots by changing your file structure

    A few antispam techniques : b2evo comes with a blacklist. Update that frequently. (This is found in admin/antispam/request abuse update). Change the directory/folder name for your trackback and comments from <em>htsrv</em> to any other val… more »
  • Additional Specs / Constraints

    License b2evolution is an evolution of b2 which was release under the GNU GPL license. Thus b2evo has to: . Be released under the GNU GPL. . Include only external libraries released under a license compatible with GNU GPL. Required technolog… more »
  • Item

    A synonym for a Post. A single entry in a Collection, generally consisting of a title and a text among other fields of information. It has a unique ID and may have several Slugs. more »
  • Article

    Synonym for Item. more »
  • Post

    Synonym for Item or Article. more »
  • Blog or Weblog

    A weblog (often web log or blog) is a website which contains periodic, reverse chronologically ordered posts on a common webpage. Individual posts (which taken together are the weblog) either share a particular theme, or a single or small group of… more »
  • Author

    A person who publishes Posts into a Collection. The Author of a Post also automatically becomes the Owner of that post. more »
  • Section

    A synonym for a Category or a Collection. This term is ambiguous and should be avoided. more »
  • Category

    Synonym for Section or Chapter. All Posts are placed into one or several Categories. A main category is always required. Additional categories are called "Extra categories". Categories can be organized into hierarchies of Sub Categories with… more »
  • Chapter

    A Book is divided into several chapters and subchapters to an infinite nesting level. Synonym for Section. more »
  • Book

    A book is a high level data structure. A book is subdivided into Chapters and subChapters to an infinite nesting level. (Sub)Chapters in turn contain Articles. more »
  • Issue Date

    Datetime at which an Item has been or will be made available to the Site Visitors. more »
  • Datetime

    We use the term datetime just to make it clear that a date, like the IssueDate for example, includes an exact time, not just a day date. more »
  • Site Visitor

    A site visitor is anyone accessing a website powered by b2evolution. more »
  • Site Member or Authenticated User

    A SiteVisitor that has successfully registered on the b2evolution installation. more »
  • Blog Member

    A blog member is a SiteMember who has been given any access permission to a Blog. A blog member is able to view ProtectedPost?s, contrary to non members of the blog. more »
  • Contributing to b2evolution

    Contributions are welcome! Anyone can contibute... there's so much to do: development of course (PHP, Javascript...) but also graphic design (icons, skins, Flash skins...), translation, documentation, testing, security checking, support... and even eva… more »
  • Roadmap & Unified Process

    People often ask about a roadmap for b2evolution. How odd! Not only don’t we have a roadmap, but we certainly don’t plan having one. Sounds amateurish to you? Read on! b2evolution development embraces the Unified Process approach to softw… more »