• Comment Viewing Options

    The options in this panel lets you can define who is able to view the comments and how they will be shown. more »
  • Workflow Features Panel

    This panel lets you enable the [[Workflow]] features (disabled by default) of the collection. If workflow is enabled, you will be able to assign posts to specific users. Additionally, you will be able to set properties like Priority, Status and Deadline for each posts. more »
  • Aggregation Panel

    This allows you to aggregate the contents of multiple ((Collections)) into the current collection. more »
  • Item Subscriptions

    In this panel you can choose if Users are allowed subscribe to new Items/Posts/Comments email notifications. more »
  • RSS/Atom Feeds

    In this panel, you can configure the way your posts are listed on RSS/Atom feeds. more »
  • Item Voting Options

    This panel allows users to cast votes on Items/Posts. You can allow them to cast positive, neutral and/or negative votes. The voting buttons are displayed using the Item Votes Widget. more »
  • Single Item View Panel

    This panel lets you select the default behavior of the post by post navigation. more »
  • Post List Panel

    In this panel, you can configure what posts are included in the list when browsing the Collection and customize how they are presented. more »
  • User Directory Features

    This panel allows you to control if a User directory can be displayed, how the list can be filtered and what columns will be shown. more »
  • Front Page Features

    You can select what to display as the front page of the collection in this screen. If the collection is your default collection, this impacts the front page of your site (home page). more »
  • Contact Form Features

    This panel allows you to control what information is shown and what fields are required when submitting the Contact form. more »
  • Displaying Categories in a Specific Order

    At the root level of each Collection, you can choose to sort Categories Alphabetically or Manually. more »
  • Category Edit Form

    This form is used to create a new or edit the properties of an existing category. more »
  • Comment Notification Emails

    There are several comments notification emails available. more »
  • Elevating a Comment into a Post

    Comments can be elevated into a full collection post. more »
  • Comment Mass Deletion

    This feature lets you automatically delete or recycle many comments in a single action. more »
  • Recycling Comments

    You can remove a comment from a post by recycling it. To recycle a comment, simply click on the corresponding Recycle button. more »
  • Moving Comments to Another Post

    This page provides instructions on how to move or link a comment to a new Post. more »
  • Editing Comments

    Similar to posts, comments can also be edited. more »
  • Meta Discussion View

    This page displays and helps you manage the meta comments of the current collection. more »
  • Comments List View

    The page displays a table of recent comments for the current collection, listing only basic information about each comment. more »
  • Comments Full Text View

    This page displays and help you manage the comments of the current collection. The full text of the comments are shown to allow for quick moderation. more »
  • Auto Anchors Plugin

    This renderer plugin automatically adds `id="..."` attributes to your ``-`` headers. This also adds a hidden link with an anchor icon that becomes visible when hovering over a header text. more »
  • Wiki Tables Plugin

    This renderer plugin allows you to create tables in your posts using the Wiki tables markup. This plugin is bundled with b2evolution version 6.x+ more »
  • Changing the Item Type of a Post

    Changing the type of a post has important consequences since each Item Type can behave differently and have different fields. more »
  • Managing Item Slugs

    You can manage the slugs associated with an Item in the Item Edit Form. There are some considerations you should know when specifying URL slugs. more »
  • Creating Posts from Files

    From the File Manager, you can quickly create a post that contains multiple files as attachments or several individual posts for each file. more »
  • Adding Videos to Posts

    There are several ways of adding videos to your posts. more »
  • Workflow Panel

    This Panel can appear in the backoffice and in the front office when Workflow is enabled in Workflow Settings. Please see Item Workflow Properties Panel for more details. more »
  • HTML Validator

    The HTML validator checks the HTML of your post to see that it is valid. It also rejects numerous tags, such as <object> for security reasons. This may be a problem for including YouTube videos, but there is a plugin for doing this without any… more »