• Introduction to Fighting Spam (AntiSpam)

    Comment spam is a plague on all blogs, forums and generally all websites that allow user generated content. Why is that? Spammers are actually professionals hired to do just that! What they try to achieve is to place a link to their own website (or th… more »
  • Confusing SPAMbots by changing your file structure

    A few antispam techniques : b2evo comes with a blacklist. Update that frequently. (This is found in admin/antispam/request abuse update). Change the directory/folder name for your trackback and comments from <em>htsrv</em> to any other val… more »
  • How To use Pop-Up Comments in your evoSkin

    How do I put pop-up comments in my skin? Open up your skin's _main.php file. In the <head> section of the file, add this bit of code: <?php comments_popup_script() // Include javascript to open pop up windows ?>Copy the _popup.php from the… more »
  • How to authorize new users to post

    [NL] This man page refers to b2evo 0.9.0 Create users from backoffice or let them register Optional: move them to the Bloggers group. Go to the settings for the blog you want them to edit Select Permissions tab Choose the right… more »
  • How to turn plugins on/off

    This refers to b2evolution version 0.9.0 All the plugins are stored in subfolders of the /plugins folder. As of version 0.9.0, there are two types of plugins: the toolbar plugins that display on the post edit screen, and the renderer plugins that act… more »
  • Screencasts

    ‘’Proposed b2evolution screencasts'’ Install assumed: web space and database :fp: I don’t think this should be assumed. I think you should explain that you need to get a webhost (show that [http://b2evolution.net/about/reco… more »
  • I upgraded and now feature X doesn't work any more

    It happens frequently that some third party skins or plugins are not designed to use only the official API of b2evolution. Many are hacking into the core which creates problems on upgrade. If you are using a custom skin, start by switching back to a st… more »
  • If I upgrade, will I lose my posts, comments, settings, uploaded files, etc. ?

    Short answer: no! :) Long answer: The posts, comments, users, settings, etc. are stored in a MySQL database which is not part of your b2evolution file structure. It is next to impossible to accidentally overwrite and erase that data. It is even quite… more »
  • Hacks

    A hack is a way to change or extend the functionality of b2evolution by editing the underlying code. more »
  • How to post by email

    This man page refers to b2evolution version: 0.8.6 You can post news from an email client! But first you'll have to edit /conf/_advanced.php, filling the appropriate values for your POP3 email account (this interface doesn't support IMAP yet, only POP… more »
  • Introduction to email skins

    How email skins work. Explanation of the /skins_email directory. more »
  • Email skin templates

    List of all templates used by b2evolution. more »
  • Anonymous User

    A Site Visitor that is not logged in (yet), either because he has no user account (yet) or because he chose not to log in (yet). more »
  • Moving to Another Server

    Change servers in a few simple steps If you have an existing b2evolution blog (or multiple blogs) and you need to change servers here are the steps you should take to get up and running again: # Backup your existing blog ‘'’database”… more »
  • Editing Templates

    This page applies to b2evo 1.x. For versions 2.x and above please… more »
  • How to display the posts' author

    [Es] [Nl] This page applies to b2evo 0.9 In the MainTemplate, before or after where the post content is displayed, add the following code: Posted by: <?php $Item->Author->prefered_name(); ?> If you want to link to all the posts of a certain au… more »
  • How to display comments, trackbacks and pingbacks UNMIXED

    This man page refers to b2evolution version: 0.8.2-RC1 Feedback? is displayed by the _feedback template, which is usually included by the _main template. To display comments, trackbacks and pingbacks UNMIXED, use the following code snippet in the _mai… more »
  • Template function parameters

    When you look at the provided Introducing Templates/EvoSkins? you will see function calls like this for example: <?php the_time() ?> ...which will display the time of the current post, using the default time format. However, many of these function… more »
  • Assumed User Skills

    Skills that someone should ideally have prior to installation. more »
  • Front Office

    The Front Office is the part of b2evolution that is immediately visible to SiteVisitors? when they arrive on the site. The Front Office typically has a customized look & feel provided through a Skin or evoSkin. Accessing the front office typically… more »
  • Using a different skin and editing parameters

    Skins allow you to customize the appearance of your blog. You can change your skin in the BackOffice under the Blogs > [Blog Name] > Skin tab. There are two sections in this tab: "Skins for this blog" and "Manage skins." The… more »
  • Use Case

    Want to practice UML?? It all starts with writing use cases. This is probably the most important step anyway No use case template is available yet, since this is still experimental here. However, here’s an example ‘'’What’s th… more »
  • Technical Documentation

    The Technical Documentation is where you can find information about the code of b2evolution, extracted directly from the code itself but placed together in a readable and rich envrionment. It is useful to find events that your plugins can use, or inform… more »
  • Skins Repository

    Skins, to change the look and feel of your b2evolution, are available at http://skins.b2evolution.net/. [[Category:Skins]] more »
  • Permalink

    Permalink is short for "permanent link". It is a link that readers can use to bookmark or link to a specific blog post. This is important because a blog’s front page often changes rapidly and old blog posts often get archived and can be… more »
  • PHP

    b2evolution works with both PHP 4 and PHP 5. You can download "PHP: Hypertext processor" at http://php.net/. more »
  • MovableType API

    The MovableType? API is one of the APIs supported by b2evolution. Supported methods as of b2evolution version 2.4: * mt.getCategoryList * mt.setPostCategories * mt.getPostCategories More info about this API: * http://www.movabletype.org/ more »
  • MetaWeblog API

    MetaWeblog? is one of the APIs supported by b2evolution. Supported methods as of b2evolution version 2.4: * metaWeblog.newMediaObject * metaWeblog.newPost * metaWeblog.editPost * metaWeblog.getPost * metaWeblog.getCategories * metaWeblog.getRecen… more »
  • Reply

    A synonym for Comment. In the Blog vocabulary we generally talk about Posts & Comments. In the Forum vocabulary we generally talk about Topics & Replies. more »
  • Manual Page

    Synonym for Post or Item. more »