• Light DB maintenance (ANALYZE)

    This will perform light maintenance on your database. Can be run often. more »
  • Heavy DB maintenance (CHECK & OPTIMIZE)

    This will perform heavy maintenance on your database. This may put some serious strain on your server. Don’t run this too frequently. more »
  • Website Integration

    While b2evolution can be used as a standalone blogging platform, it is also designed to be used as a blog/news/content manager to be embedded in a larger site. For example, our website - b2evolution.net - itself uses b2evolution for several sections su… more »
  • Prune recycled comments

    This tasks will permanently delete old comments from the recycle bin so that the recycle bin does not grow indefinitely. more »
  • Send notifications about new comment on «item title»

    This will send email notifications after a new comment is posted on an item. more »
  • Send notifications for «item title»

    This will send pings and email notifications after a new item is posted. more »
  • Send reminders about non-activated accounts

    When people register but do not activate their account, this task can send them (a limited number of) reminders to activate by email. more »
  • Extract info from hit log ("Process hit log")

    This task should be scheduled to run daily, some time after midnight. Its role is to process the sessions and hit log tables in the database, and particularly to remove old data in order to keep the size of the database reasonable. The number of days… more »
  • Create posts by email

    This task will connect to a mailbox by IMAP in order to let you post by email. more »
  • Poll the antispam blacklist

    This task will poll the central antispam blacklist and refresh your local DB with the latest spam strings from the central base. more »
  • Error test job

    This task will always produce an error. It is useful for testing your scheduler setup. more »
  • Basic test job

    This task will always succeed. It is useful for testing that your scheduler works. more »
  • Charset Handling

    Input/Output Charset b2evolution 1.8 and above will attempt to convert all data it outputs to the ‘'’$io_charset”’ . Versions 0.x did not do any conversion. Charset conversion requires that the PHP mb_strings extension is avai… more »
  • Optimizing a SELECT Query

    When you have a slow running SELECT query, it may have 2 reasons You don’t have the proper index on your table to let the WHERE conditions filter efficiently. You have too many joins that join a lot of data before being able to discard unn… more »
  • How to create your own flag / locale

    Many users would like to just add a flag for their country, even if they don't use a localized version for their language. Here's how to proceed: Find the ISO 3166 code for your country. Let's assume it is XY. Find a flag for your country an… more »
  • Deleting a slug

    After clicking on the Delete icon that corresponds with the slug that you want to delete, you will be questioned about your sureness on deleting the item. If you are absolutly sure of this action, please confirm. [image:1533:] You should consider tha… more »
  • Locale Date Time Format Strings

    The following characters are recognized in the format strings while creating / editing a Locale a - "am" or "pm" A - "AM" or "PM" B - Swatch Internet time c - ISO 8601 date (Requires PHP 5); i.e. "2004-02… more »
  • Advanced options

    This section provides extended configuration such as setting of folder and file permission. Default folder permissions: Default CHMOD (UNIX permissions) for new directories created by the file manager. Default file permissions: Default CHMOD (UNIX p… more »
  • File creation options

    This section is where you can set the privilege of users to be able to create folders, files and upload files. Options: Enable creation of folders - check this option to enable users to create directories.Enable creation of files - check this option t… more »
  • Media directory "xyz" could not be created

    "The blog/user’s media directory «xyz» could not be created" b2evolution (actually PHP) has no permission to create the directory needed for storing the media files belonging to a certain blog or user. Make sure all… more »
  • Invalid filename

    b2evolution restricts the filenames you can use. You can control this in the "Global Settings" in the "Files" and "File types" tabs. The default settings are set for maximum security and compatibility. We do not recommend… more »
  • Formal vs Casual l10n

    In most languages a question arises as how to translate English: should the translation be in a formal or a casual style? Well, b2evo is moving towards a profesionnal content management system more and more, so the answer would definitely be rather for… more »
  • Ajax Debug Log

    b2evolution v5. The Ajax debug log us a CSS floating windows that shows you the AJAX requests between the browser and the server. If you have already turned on debug mode (see Debugging?), you just need to click "JS log" in the evobar. The w… more »
  • Http Post Data Too Large

    When too many large files are uploaded to the server the following error may appear: You have sent too much data (too many large files?) for the server to process. Please try again by sending less data/files at a time. To allow large amount of data upl… more »
  • When I do X I get a blank page or only a half page

    Short answer: your PHP is either out of memory or out of allowed execution time! more »
  • app_version();

    Display application version. Example <source lang="php"> app_version(); </source> Parameters This tag does not accept any parameters. Return value This tag displays content only, it does not have a return value. more »
  • Image Sizes

    In several places, b2evolution lets you select an "Image Size" a.k.a. "Thumbnail Size" for the images you display. In the name of the sizes you will find the following: type : fit will preserve the image dimensions ratio a… more »
  • User Profile Latitude

    This is where you define how much or how little users will be able to edit their User Profile?. In addition to the standard fields of a user profile, you can also define user fields. See: User Field Settings?. more »
  • Viewing PHP errors

    PHP writes all its errors into a log file which depends on your particular setup. It will typically be called error.log. It may be a good idea to ask your web host where you can check the contents of this file. Besides this, it may be easier to have PHP… more »
  • How to Show the Assigned Author of a post

    The default [[Permalink|permalinks]] in b2evolution look something like:<br /> <nowiki>http://www.yoursite.com/blogs/index.php?title=post_title&c=1&tb=1&pb=1&more=1</nowiki> You can change this behavior to something c… more »