Tag: "6.11.1"

  • Process the return path inbox

    When emails sent by b2evolution cannot reach their destination (wrong address, mailbox full, rejected as spam) they will be returned to the Return-Path address you specified. This task will connect to that mailbox through IMAP and extract useful inform… more »
  • After each new post

    You can set up your collection to notify various services when you publish a new post in this panel. See weblogs.com and blo.gs for information about such services. more »
  • Create posts by email

    WARNING: This feature is deprecated and no longer actively supported. This task will connect to a mailbox by IMAP in order to let you post by email. Connection settings used by this task can be configured here: Post by email. The following options can… more »
  • Clean up scheduled jobs older than a threshold

    This task cleans up the scheduled jobs list by deleting old completed jobs. more »
  • SMTP Server connection settings

    This panel allows you to enable the use of an STMP server and configure its connection settings. more »
  • PHP mail() Function Settings

    This panel is useful only if you are sending email through PHP’s internal mail() function, i-e through your webserver’s SMTP service. On some web hosts, the default params that b2evolution passes to the mail() function are not accepted. On… more »
  • Standard Upgrade Procedure

    The latest documentation for upgrading to a higher version is included in your blog bundle, specifically in the doc directory. For example: doc/upgradefrom_b2evo.en-UK.html. The following instructions refer to the upgrade documentation included with ver… more »
  • Auto-Upgrade Procedure

    There is a built in automatic upgrade feature in b2evolution 5.1 and above. It is generally a good idea to try this before using a more complex form of upgrading. However, it is always advised that you make a backup of your site beforehand. more »
  • After Installation / Upgrade

    Completing installation Once your installation is done and basically working, there are still a few tricky things you should definitely take care of: * When you edit any of the config files, be careful ‘'’not to add any extra blank lines&… more »
  • Universal Item List Widget

    This widget allows you to list virtually anything anywhere and in any form. It allows you to filter out items from any blog and configure how to display them. This widget is actually the parent widget of many more specific widgets. Example: get ad… more »
  • disp = arcdir

    This Disp is used to display a directory of archive pages. The type of archives being displayed can be configured in the collection Features > Other > Archives Panel. This, of course, only applies as long as the particular skin you are using… more »
  • disp = catdir

    This Disp is used to display a hierarchical view of categories and sub-categories of a collection. This, of course, only applies as long as the particular skin you are using doesn’t completely override the behavior of b2evolution’s default… more »
  • disp = comments

    This Disp is used to display the latest comments of the current collection. The display is controlled by the settings found in the collection Features > Other displays > Latest Comments. This, of course, only applies as long as the particular skin… more »
  • disp = contacts

    This Disp is displays the list of contacts the current User has established on this b2evolution installation. more »
  • disp = download

    This Disp is used to download a file which is attached to a Item/Post. more »
  • disp = activateinfo

    This Disp is used to display instructions to Users on how to activate their account. They can also use it to request for a new activation email if needed. This only works if In-skin login is activated in In-skin Action Settings. This, of course, only… more »
  • disp = 404

    This Disp is used when b2evolution cannot find or understand what information is requested through the URL. Different behaviors can be configured through the SEO Settings > Other pages Panel. Details about the cause of the 404: You can determine the… more »
  • disp = access_requires_login

    This Disp is similar to disp = login and is used when the current collection is private and actually requires the User to login before displaying the content. Collections can be made private through the Collection Permission Settings. This only works if… more »
  • Comments / Feedback Area

    Note that comments can be disabled at the Post level, the Post Type level or the Collection level. When comments are enabled, you will see something like this under each post: Logged-in Users [image:9050:] Anonymous Users For anonymous users the form… more »
  • Dev Menu

    When developing skins, enabling the little Dev menu can be very useful. How to enable the Dev menu In the _advanced.php, change the following lines: /** * Do you want to display the "Dev" menu in the evobar? * This allows to display the dev… more »
  • Small Print Widget

    This widget displays the small print typically found below a post. It is preinstalled in some collections in the "Item Single" Container. Different display formats are available in the widget settings. [image:9120:Small print widget with… more »
  • Webmentions

    Webmention is a web standard mechanism that allow bloggers to refer to each others posts, from one site to another. When you link to a website in a Item/Post, you can opt to send it a Webmention to notify it. The protocol is implemented by many… more »