Other /conf files

  • Dev Menu

    When developing skins, enabling the little Dev menu can be very useful. How to enable the Dev menu In the _advanced.php, change the following lines: /** * Do you want to display the "Dev" menu in the evobar? * This allows to display the dev…More »
  • _admin.php

    /conf/_admin.php sets how the Back Office works.More »
  • _application.php

    /conf/_application.php configure the b2evolution application. You typically shouldn’t edit this file and replace it with the new version at each upgrade. This file especially contains the version number and date used to compare versions during…More »
  • _basic_config.php

    /conf/_basic_config.php is b2evolution’s main config file. This file is created during the installation process, using the file /conf/_basic_config.template.php as a model. If you wish, you can also do this manually and enter correct settings b…More »
  • _basic_config.template.php

    /conf/_basic_config.template.php is not used by b2evolution after installation. It is only here to serve as a starting point to create _basic_config.phpMore »
  • _config.php

    /conf/_config.php is the "main" configuration file which is called by b2evolution to, in turn, include all the other config files it needs. It also includes some high level initializations. You typically should never edit this file and replace…More »
  • _formatting.php

    /conf/_formatting.php sets how b2evolution will parse and format texts (posts, comments, etc.) You typically won’t need to edit this file and you should replace it with each upgrade.More »
  • _icons.php

    This file defines the generic icons that are made available to the whole application (including all skins and plugins). By default icons appear on a sprite image. So each icon is defined by it’s xycoordinates on the sprite and its size in pixels.…More »
  • _local.php

    The file /conf/_local.php is not included in the b2evolution distribution. However, if you create it, it will be loaded after all other configuration files. Use this file for local configurations that you do not want to overwrite in case of an automatic…More »
  • _locales.php

    /conf/_locales.php sets the default configuration for locales.More »
  • _maintenance.html

    In the /conf folder there is a file called _maintenance.html. If you rename this file to maintenance.html (no _ at the beginning), it will put your b2evolution website into maintenance mode, serving a 503 "Not Available" response to any user…More »
  • _social.php

    The file /conf/_social.php sets the configuration of social network providers available to b2evo users. Though configuration for some common social network providers is already defined in this file by default, you will still need to supply the API key +…More »
  • _stats.php

    /conf/_stats.php sets how b2evolution will log hits and stats.More »
  • _upgrade.php

    /conf/_upgrade.php is used by the upgrade script only.More »
  • sample.htaccess

    /conf/sample.htaccess should be renamed to /conf/.htaccess to protect the contents of the /conf folder from prying eyes. This files is NOT to be confused with the Main .htaccess file which has a much more important role.More »
  • upgrade_policy.conf

    This will allow b2evolution to perform an auto-upgrade without leaving unwanted files on your server and without overwriting file you don't want to overwrite (e-g: favicon.ico). In this file you can give all kinds of instructions to b2evolution as to how to handle files during upgrade. Look at the comments in the file for more information.More »