• _advanced.php

    /conf/_advanced.php includes advanced settings for b2evolution.More »
  • Timezone control variables

    Your Php Ini? file should contain a setting for the time zone your server is in. If for some reason this is not set (poorly configured host) or if you want to force the default timezone used by PHP in b2evolution to a different value, you can set it in…More »
  • Variables that control Email Sending

    Simulate Sending of Email $email_send_simulate_only Turn this on ($email_send_simulate_only = true;) to simulate email sends instead of really sending them through SMTP. This is useful if you are debugging a production database on a development machine.…More »
  • Variables that control Image manipulation

    Thumbnail Sizes These are the thumbnail size definitions. This also gets used for general resizing, e.g. in the Profile Picture widget. $thumbnail_sizes = array( 'fit-1280x720' => array( 'fit', 1280, 720, 85 ), 'fit-720x500' => array( 'fit', 720,…More »