• Global Hits Summary

    The Summary sub-tab shows a table of daily totals of each type of hit on your site. If you’re looking for the total number of visits of all types to your site, look in the right column. You’ll also find a red X, which you can click to dele… more »
  • Browser Hits

    This page only includes hits identified as made by a web browser (as opposed to an indexing robot/spider or an XML feed reader). * Refering searches: Hits coming from search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Microsoft Live, Ask or more. * Referers: Hits… more »
  • Search & Referers Hits

  • API Hits

  • Robot hits

    For each blog you can see a graph of robot hits by day, that is search engine crawlers (that identify itself as it) coming to index your blog(s). more »
  • RSS/Atom hits

    Sometimes, your content could be directly accesed from a special kind of applications known with different names (news agregators, feed readers, RSS readers, etc.), but with a common feature: aggregate feeds from different sources… more »

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