• Recent Hits Panel

    This displays the recent hits on your b2evolution installation and you can filter or search them in multiple ways.More »
  • Search Keywords List

    This tab shows you a list of all keyphrases that have been used to search content on your site.More »
  • Top referring search engines

    This shows you which search engines have been referring the most visitors to your web site after they searched for something on their engine.More »
  • Internal Searches Analytics Tab

    This screen allows to see all internal searches. It is useful to identify: Searches with no results TODO fix bug that always displays 1 Searches that had results but did not lead to any click by the userMore »

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Comment from: Portland Photo Booth

Portland Photo Booth

It's great to have this data. I don't get this even from Google Analytics.

2009-12-31 @ 03:53

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