• General Settings Panel

    This panel allows you to set general settings for the User Group.More »
  • Evobar & Back-office Panel

    This panel allows you to set whether or not users of the group can see the evoBar at the top of their screen when they are logged-in, and furthermore, whether or not they can access the Back Office (which is generally accessed through the evoBar).More »
  • Blogging Permissions Panel

    This section allows you to choose which blogging permissions are available to the user.More »
  • Additional Permissions Panel

    Here you can choose whether a user has access to blog stats and messaging. You can also edit their ability to view, edit and upload files, as well as the maximum number of threads they can start.More »
  • File Permissions Panel

    This panel allows you to set the file permissions for the edited user group.More »
  • System Admin Permissions Panel

    This panel controls access to various Back Office options, including users and groups, settings, antispam, slug management, and email management.More »
  • Notification Options Panel

    This panel allows you to choose the type of notification the Users in this group will receive: full text or short notification.More »
  • Group Collection Permissions

    This screen allows for setting membership and/or individual Advanced Permissions of the current User Group for each Collection.More »

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