• Evobar & Back-office Panel

    This panel allows you to set whether or not users of the group can see the evoBar at the top of their screen when they are logged-in, and furthermore, whether or not they can access the Back Office (which is generally accessed through the evoBar). more »
  • Plain-text Compose Tab

    You can compose a separate plain-text version of the email campaign in this screen. This allows you to customize how the campaign will look like when viewed in plain-text and independent of the HTML version. more »
  • Send reminders about unread messages

    Typically this scheduled task should run often but a person with unread messages should only receive one message every 72 hours. So this scheduled task will find users who: * have unread messages created more than 24 hours ago * and have not been rem… more »
  • Campaign Review and Send Tab

    In this screen you can: Get a preview of the email using both formats previously defined. Compose a separate plain-text version of the campaign Send a test message to an email address before sending it to check that everything is correct. Send the email… more »
  • Basic test job

    This task will always succeed. It is useful for testing that your scheduler works. more »
  • Campaign Send Test Email Panel

    This panel allows the sending of a test email to check how the email campaign will appear in your email client(s). There are additional options to enable the tracking of test email opening via image load and link clicks. more »
  • Error test job

    This task will always produce an error. It is useful for testing your scheduler setup. more »
  • Clean up scheduled jobs older than a threshold

    This task cleans up the scheduled jobs list by deleting old completed jobs. more »
  • How much does it cost?

    Four letter word – FREE. The reason b2evolution is free of cost for users is because it is an open source software released under the GNU General Public License. Numerous volunteers came up with this useful idea and decided to share this idea to the… more »
  • How to add Images, Videos and other attachments

    You can add an image by linking the picture file to your post. more »
  • Item Images & Attachments Panel

    This panel lists the images and files attached to the current Item. You will be able to link and attach all kinds of files and manage how each linked file is displayed in this panel. more »
  • How to add a New Blog

    The Welcome Page #After your installation is completed you should login with the password that you were given during installation. #This should automatically take you to backoffice?. You probably want to take a look at what your blog looks like before… more »
  • How to edit your Personal Details

    Under the 'Identity' tab, you can edit your login and display name, as well as enter personal information like your location and age. more »
  • Blogging Permissions Panel

    This section allows you to choose which blogging permissions are available to the user. more »
  • Email Panel

    This panel allows you to configure the user’s email address and shows the email addresses’ and the email domain’s status. It also displays information about the latest email reminders sent to the user. more »
  • Simple Page List Widget

    This widget will list the pages of the current collection. Settings [image:8841] Block title: specify the title that you want this widget to display in your collection (default entry: Pages) Layout: select how the contents should be laid out. RWD block… more »
  • Messaging Menu Link widget

    Description: Messages or Contacts menu entry/linkParameter: Link Type - specify which section of your blog you want this widget to link to such as messages (default setting) or contacts and others.Parameter: Link text - the text that will appear on the… more »
  • Default User Settings Panel

    When a new user account is created, it will be pre-configured with these settings. These are just defaults settings for a newly created user account. The user can later change these settings in their profile’s Notifications Tab and Preferences Tab. more »
  • Username display options

    Here you can set: if Users should be displayed by their username or by their Friendly Name if usernames should be displayed with different colors based on gender of the Users more »
  • Installed Plugins

    This screen displays a list of installed plugins in your site. Plugins can extend the functionality of b2evolution. more »
  • File Creation Options

    This panel is where you can set the privileges of users to create folders and files, and allowing them to upload files. more »
  • Locale Form

    You can create your own locales for your blog. Here’s how to proceed. As admin, go to ‘System’ then click on the ‘Regional’ tab. At the bottom of the page, you will see a ‘Create new locale’ button. Clicking th… more »
  • Photo Gallery Anatomy

    The "Photo Albums" skin is designed to present photos and videos (and possibly other types of media files) in the form of albums. You first see a page showing all albums (disp=posts) in the form of thumbnails. If you hover on a thumbnail it t… more »
  • Goal Category Settings

    This feature allows you to group your goals into categories. All the categories defined here are available to be selected at the goals form when you create or edit them. more »
  • Feedback Options

    In this panel, you can select who can leave comments on your Items/Posts and what information they are allowed to post. more »
  • Suspicious Files

    Suspicious files are those that have received votes as Inappropriate or Spam. In this table you could check details of any of them in order to make decisions on how to proceed. more »
  • Post by Email - Posting Settings

    With these parameters you are able to control the b2evolution’s behaviour after connecting to your email account and seek your inbox. In plain words, how to find the emails to be posted and how to post them. Default category: the ID of the… more »
  • Email Service Settings

    This section is only available after enabling the SMTP Gateway feature. This panel lets you select which email service you would like to use as the default. The available options are: Regular PHP "mail" function and SMTP gateway. There is also… more »
  • Image Widget

    This widget is designed to display any image ( based on the filename you provide ), anywhere where a widget can be placed, with no specific role. If you are trying to display a logo instead of a collection title, we recommend you use the Logo Title… more »
  • Collection Tagline Widget

    This widget will display the tagline of the current collection. more »