• System Skin Properties

    This screen shows the system properties of a skin. These properties apply to the skin globally, regardless of how many times it is used and in which collections it is used. more »
  • Publish an XML Site Map

    In b2evolution v6+, XML Sitemaps are generated automatically and can be accessed by adding ?tempskin=_sitemap to the URL of your collection. Example: https://your-site.com/your-collection-name/?tempskin=_sitemap . Notes: This feature is only active if… more »
  • Find Duplicate Users

    This screen displays the list of duplicate users. Users are considered duplicate if their email address is already being used by other users. more »
  • Creating a New User

    New users can be manually created through the Users & Groups tab located in the Back Office. more »
  • Email Panel

    This panel allows you to configure the user’s email address and shows the email addresses’ and the email domain’s status. It also displays information about the latest email reminders sent to the user. more »
  • Registration Info Panel

    This panel will show you information about how the user registered (and potentially also how the account was closed). more »
  • Reputation Panel

    This panel displays how the user’s contribution to the site, i.e., posts created, comments made, photos uploaded, are received by the other users. This also shows the number of audio, video, and other files that the user has uploaded to the site… more »
  • Usage Info Panel

    This panel displays the user’s usage of the site in terms of the number of reports made, collections owned, posts created and edited, comments made, sessions created, private messages sent and received. This is also shows when the user was last… more »
  • User Permissions Panel

    This panel lets you assign a user to User Groups and assign them a user level. You can also change the user’s account status in this panel. more »
  • Receiving Notifications Panel

    In the Notifications Tab tab, you can choose which automatic email notifications you want to receive. more »
  • Individual Post Subscriptions Panel

    This panel lets you manage your (or someone else’s if you are a User Admin) subscriptions to individual Posts/Topics/Items. more »
  • Collection Subscriptions Panel

    This panel allows you to manage your subscriptions to individual collections. more »
  • Receiving Private Messages Panel

    This panel allows you to edit whether or not you want to receive private messages and emails from other users. more »
  • Receiving Emails Panel

    In this panel you can set your basic email preferences. more »
  • Identity Panel

    This panel contains the user’s basic identity information. more »
  • User Fields Panels

    The number of panels in this section may vary, depending on which fields users have been defined in the user profiles using the Add new fields feature. more »
  • Add New Fields Panel

    This panel allows you to select and add new user fields to the user profile. You can manage the available user fields in the User Fields List. The added user fields will be displayed in the appropriate user profile panel. more »
  • Referer Types

    This page explains the meaning of the Referer Type column in b2evolution hit logs. more »
  • Post Views Counting

    Here is how b2evolution counts views on posts when "smart view counting" is turned on: 1) If the user is anonymous, multiple reloads of a single page (URL) from a given IP will only be counted once every x seconds, depending on the "Relo‚Ķ more »
  • Hit & Session Logging Panel

    Auto pruning "With a scheduled job" is the best setting but you need to properly set up the Scheduler? for this to work. more »
  • Goal Hits

    This view allows you to check all the hits tracked with the goals defined in your site. more »
  • Goal Category Settings

    This feature allows you to group your goals into categories. All the categories defined here are available to be selected at the goals form when you create or edit them. more »
  • Goal Settings

    In this view you may manage the goals defined for the entire site. more »
  • Goals Explained

    Goals allow you to track hits on specific links or specific pages. They are called "goals" because they serve a similar purpose as what is called "goals" in other analytics packages such as Google Analytics. Tracking clicks on a… more »
  • Top IPs Tab

    This table shows a quick analyzed view of the IP addresses that have visited your site. more »
  • Top Referring Domains

    This shows a list of domains that are sending you the most traffic, along with the type of the site, the status (whether we trust the domain or not) and the number of hits made. more »
  • Top referring search engines

    This shows you which search engines have been referring the most visitors to your web site after they searched for something on their engine. more »
  • Search Keywords List

    This tab shows you a list of all keyphrases that have been used to search content on your site. more »
  • RSS/Atom Hits Summary

    Sometimes, your content could be directly accesed from a special kind of applications known with different names (news agregators, feed readers, RSS readers, etc.), but with a common feature: aggregate feeds from different sources… more »
  • Robot Hits Summary

    For each collection you can get a graph of robot hits per day (search engine crawlers coming to index your site/collection). more »