If you are reading this, you have likely stumbled upon an issue with content published on a website powered by b2evolution.

Please understand that b2evolution is free software that anyone can download and then install on their own website.

b2evolution does NOT host the blogs powered by b2evolution. The only websites under our control are b2evolution.net and b2evo.net.

If you have concerns with content published on any other website/domain than b2evolution.net or b2evo.net, please contact the owner of that blog/website.

If the owner does not respond, you can try to identify their hosting company and contact them in order to take appropriate action.

Please understand that we at b2evolution have no control over what content is published using the b2evolution software. This is the same as someone printing out content you may not like using Microsoft Word; Microsoft does not control what gets printed out using the Word software.

Created by fatimahnasra • Last edit by fplanque on January 2nd, 2014

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