• Set system lock during backup

    There are three different lock options during maintenance backup. Below you can find the pros and cons for each: 1. Maintenance mode - this is the most recommended option Description: The site is not usable during this mode, a 503 - Service Unavail… more »
  • Global Site Settings

    Site Code This will be displayed in the back office breadcrumbs and can help you identify which site you're working on if you have several sites to maintain. Max length = 20. Prefilled with $instance_name by default. Site color Hex color code. Used for… more »
  • Default collections

    Default collection to display This is the blog that will be displayed by default when accessing the $baseurl. Collection for info pages (& shared content blocks) If a blog is selected, all pages from this blog will be added to the site wide header… more »
  • Technical Site Settings

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