• Slugs List

    This page allows you to manage all the Item Slugs of the site. The slugs list contains the following columns: Slug. The name of each slug. Important: if you have any doubt about the meaning or how to compose these names, we encourage you to read Slugs.… more »
  • Editing a slug

    [image:1430:] In the action column of the slugs list you will find a pair of control icons for each row of the table. Those icons are: [image:1431:] to edit the slug and [image:1432:] to delete it. more »
  • Deleting a slug

    After clicking on the Delete icon that corresponds with the slug that you want to delete, you will be questioned about your sureness on deleting the item. If you are absolutly sure of this action, please confirm. [image:1533:] You should consider tha… more »

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