• Collection Title widget

    This widget will display the name of the current collection. Parameter: CSS Class - will automatically replace $wi_class$ in your skin’s containers (empty by default)Parameter: DOM ID - will automatically replaces $wi_ID$ in your skin’s… more »
  • Collection Tagline Widget

    This widget will display the tagline of the current collection. more »
  • Long Description of Collection widget

    This widget will display the long description entered in the General Settings of a Collection. Params: Parameter: Block title - specify the title that you want this widget to display in your blog (blank by default)Parameter: CSS Class - will… more »
  • Performance Optimization

    There are several things you can do to optimize the performance of your system. Fast Hosting First off, obviously, you may need a faster [http://b2evolution.net/web-hosting/top-quality-best-webhosting.php web host] (we have [http://b2evolution.net/w… more »
  • User Links Widget

    This is typically used for "Social Link Icons". It can displays logos linking to twitter, facebook, Google+, etc. This widget displays icons that link to the URLs defined on a user profile. Each URL that is defined in a user profile field and… more »
  • User Log-In Widget

    Displays a user login form (if user not already logged in) or a greeting message (if user already logged in). more »
  • User Tools widget

    Description: Display user tools: Log in, Admin, Profile, Subscriptions, Log outParameter: Block title - specify the title that you want this widget to display in your blog(blank by default)Parameter: Write a new post link - allows you to show the linkā€¦ more »
  • Current Filters Widget

    This widget will display a list of currently applied filters on the current view of the collection. It will also have "remove" buttons to remove the filters we don’t want to apply. more »
  • Featured/Intro Post Widget

    This widget will display the intro post or a featured post if one is available for the current collection. At this time this post only creates a "list of one item". It will call a customizable template to display the contents. more »
  • Comment List Widget

    List of comments; click goes to comment. more »
  • Photo Index Widget

    This widget let you to show pictures attached to the items of your blogs / collections in a wide range of ways. All you need to do is set the parameters below to make it behave as you need to. Block title: Title to display in your skin. Item type: What… more »
  • Simple Page List Widget

    This widget will list the pages of the current collection. Params Block Title - specify the title that you want this widget to display in your blog(default entry: Pages)Group by - this will specify the grouping setting of your items, either by category… more »
  • Facebook Like Widget

    This widget displays a link to like the current page (URL) on Facebook, using the standard Facebook javascript widget. more »
  • Breadcrumb Path Widget

    Displays a breadcrumb path from the category root to the current post, going through sub-categories. (By default, this uses the main category of the post being displayed. Then it recurses back to the root.) more »
  • Content Hierarchy Widget

    This widget displays the content hierarchy of the current collection. The content hierarchy is a mix of the Categories, sub-categories and the Posts they contain. The depth of the tree can be configured. more »
  • Free HTML Widget

    This widget will display any HTML code you want. You can basically use it anywhere. more »
  • Common Navigation Links Widget

    This widget displays common navigation links such as "Recently", "Archives", "Categories", "Latest Comments"… This widget is not very useful any more since we have a "Menu" container that allows to… more »
  • Category List Widget

    This widget displays a (hierarchic) list of all the categories of the current collection. Clicking a category filters the posts on the selected category. Params Block title - specify the title that you want this widget to display in your blog (default… more »
  • Search Form widget

    This widget displays a search form (for the current collection). Params Block title - specify the title that you want this widget to display in your blog (default entry: Search)Button name - specify the text that you want to appear on the button for… more »
  • "My Profile" Menu Link widget

    This widget displays a configurable menu entry for "My profile". This differs from normal menu links because it can have a mini profile picture in front of it. It is typically reserved for use in a Menu like the "Menu" container. If… more »
  • Messaging Menu Link widget

    Description: Messages or Contacts menu entry/linkParameter: Link Type - specify which section of your blog you want this widget to link to such as messages (default setting) or contacts and others.Parameter: Link text - the text that will appear on the… more »
  • Upgrading your database to UTF-8

    Nowdays using UTF-8 as character encondig is almost a must. If you want to know what we are talking about please read this: UTF-8 Encoding and is you need to go a little deeper, please try with this: Unicode. No that we are in context then is good to l… more »
  • I'm having weird redirect issues

    If you’re having redirects you can’t explain, especially redirect loops, check the following: Clear your cache If you are having redirects you should not have, first clear your browser cache. Completely! If a wrong redirect is set once as a… more »
  • Where are the skin files?

    All the files related to Skins/Themes are located in a sub-folder called /skins/ at the root of your b2evolution installation. In this folder, you will find on sub-folder for each skin. For example, if you use the EvoPress skin, you will want to look i… more »
  • Template functions

    This man page refers to b2evo version This is a list of functions you can use in templates. They are sorted by purpose. Note: There is also an obsolete manual page that may still have some interesting info. For more information about how to… more »
  • Introducing Stub Files

    ‘’b2evolution version 2.4 - See also files 1.x?‘’ In a nutshell A stub file is used to anchor a particular blog in a particular location of your website. For example, if you want your blog about beer to be located at http://… more »
  • Introducing evoSkins

    This man page refers to b2evolution version: 0.9 What are evoSkins? evoSkins are skins for your b2evolution blog. If you've ever used any skin-enabled software (like WinAMP) you probably get the idea! In a nutshell, evoSkins have two main benefits… more »
  • Global Hits Summary

    The Summary sub-tab shows a table of daily totals of each type of hit on your site. If you’re looking for the total number of visits of all types to your site, look in the right column. You’ll also find a red X, which you can click to dele… more »
  • Advanced Upload

    Most of the time you won’t want to use this screen to upload! Instead, use the drag & drop area from the File Manager main screen. This screen lets you upload multiple files by changing the name and setting properties during the upload. It… more »
  • Robot hits

    For each blog you can see a graph of robot hits by day, that is search engine crawlers (that identify itself as it) coming to index your blog(s). more »