Tag: "6.11.2"

  • Special Front Page (disp=front)

    The following parameters could be set for the special front page of your site: Indexing: Adds a <meta name="robots" content="NOINDEX, FOLLOW"> tag to the headline of the special front page. The NOINDEX parameter aims to prevent… more »
  • Collection Skin Settings

    This sub-tabs shows the skins that will be used by b2evolution to display your collection on a desktop browser / a mobile phone / a tablet device. These are the skins that b2evolution will use by default, that is: unless a different skin has been… more »
  • Manage Skins

    This screen lists and lets you manage all installed skins in your site. It can be accessed via the collection settings and also through the System menu. more »
  • Collection Type Panel

    This is the type of your collection. Types can be: Standard blog: A standard blog with the most common features. Photoblog: A blog optimized to publishing photos. Group blog: A blog optimized for team/collaborative editing. Posts can be… more »
  • Widget List

    Widgets are basically anything that allows you to perform a specific function or access a specific service. Widgets can be an application, a web component, a little block of text or anything that can be displayed in certain areas (containers) in your… more »
  • Email Campaigns List

    This screen shows the list of all Email Campaigns and lets you create new ones. Each campaign is shown with open & click stats. Each campaign is tied to a specific List. However, it is possible to change the list of a campaign after it has already… more »
  • Browsing posts pages (disp=posts)

    The following parameters could be set for the main page or post list of your site: First posts page: Adds a <meta name="robots" content="NOINDEX,FOLLOW"> tag to the headline of the main page. Next posts pages: META NOINDEX -… more »
  • Collection base URL Panel

    The Collection base URL panel lets you configure what the root URL of your collection will look like. This requires Collection Admin permission. SSL You can select the protocol to be used by the collection. Collection URL name: This is a short name used… more »
  • Changing the Collection Type

    This allows you to change the type of a collection. Do this for example if you started with a photo album but want to transform it into a blog. Or if you started with a blog and realize it would be better presented as a hierarchic manual. more »
  • Assets URLs / CDN support Panel

    This allows you to use a Content Distribution Network. This is also useful in case you are using a Multi Domain Setup, so you can choose which domain to use for loading your /rsc/ assets, your /media/ files and additional assests used by /skins/. more »
  • Custom Fields

    This applies to v5. You can define custom fields in Blog Settings > Features > Posts. Custom fields can contain numbers (floating point numbers with double precision) or text strings (varchars). more »
  • Single post pages / "Permalink" pages

    These are the SEO settings that apply when a specific ((Item))/((Post)) is displayed ([[disp-single]]). more »
  • Date archive URLs

    This panel allows you to choose between using a query param or extra path for date archive URLs. more »
  • System Skin Properties

    This screen shows the system properties of a skin. These properties apply to the skin globally, regardless of how many times it is used and in which collections it is used. more »
  • Email Plugins Settings

    This allows admins to define which renderer plugins will be applied to Email Campaigns. See: Plugin / Apply Rendering more »
  • External Feeds

    ‘’b2evolution version 2.4.6′’ The External Feeds fieldset is part of the Blog Properties since b2evo version 2.4.6. This is useful when you use an external service such as Feedburner to manage your RSS feeds. In this case, ent… more »
  • Collection General Parameters

    Main configuration parameters for the current collection. Settings that can be configured in this panel includes: collection logo/image, title, short name, URL "filename", favicon, and collection section. more »
  • "By date" archives

    The following parameters could be set for the archive pages of your site: Date archive URLs: how to format the URL of the archive directories Use param: E-g: http://example.com/index.php?m=20191231 Use extra-path: E-g:… more »
  • Category URLs

    This defines the URLs used for disp_detail = posts-cat, disp_detail = posts-topcat and disp_detail = posts-subcat. more »
  • Choose a (different) skin

    This screen shows recommended skins currently installed on the system and that can be used for your current collection. more »
  • Category pages

    The following parameters could be set for the category pages of your site: Category URLs: how to format the URL of the category directory Use param: cat ID. E-g: http://example.com/blog1.php?cat=123 Use extra-path: sub-category. E-g:… more »
  • Collection Language / Locale Panel

    Collection Locales The Main locale for your collection will be the default language/locale for new posts and also the default language/locale for the navigation links, comment forms, etc. (The default behavior may be changed with the options below). A… more »
  • Tag page URLs

    This defines the URL format for disp_detail = posts-tag. more »
  • Collection Cache Settings

    ‘’b2evolution version 4.1′’ The Caching fieldset is part of the Blog Properties? since b2evo version 3.x. These settings control [[Caching_and_cache_levels#High_level_caches|High level caches]] for the current Blog. Starting i… more »
  • Tag pages

    The following parameters could be set for the tag pages of your site: Tag page URLs: how to format the URL of the tag directory Use param: E-g: http://example.com/index.php?tag=mytag Use extra-path: Use URL path prefix only (recommended). E-g:… more »
  • Single post URLs

    This defines the URL format for disp = single. more »
  • Collection Duplicate Options

    When duplicating a collection, this panel gives you the option to duplicate the original collection’s contents and/or comments. Note: This panel is only available when duplicating collections. more »
  • In-skin Actions Settings

    You will find this screen in the back office under Blogs > Settings > Advanced. Only an admin with global Blog admin privileges can change this. You can turn on or off: In-skin login In-skin editing more »
  • Other Filtered Pages

    This panel allows you to configure how posts are displayed per page on disp_detail = posts-filtered. There is also an Other filtered posts page option that let you decide if you want to keep robots away from these pages. This option is only available… more »
  • Collection Permissions

    This panel lets you select high-level Permission settings for the current Collection. By default, for most collections (except Forums), this panel looks like this: [image:9240:] Owner: The owner defined here will have almost all permissions on the… more »