• Locales Tab

    Using the Locales tab, you can set your default locale for your blog posts. You can also enable several locales from a list of locales and create your own locale too, if you wish to. Regional Settings In the Regional Settings section, you can choose t… more »
  • How to install a language pack

    Download the language pack(s) you need from http://locales.b2evolution.net . Unzip the downloaded language pack(s) it into the /locales folder that you will find in your b2evolution file structure. If possible unzip your language-packs into the right… more »
  • Locale Form

    You can create your own locales for your blog. Here’s how to proceed. As admin, go to ‘System’ then click on the ‘Regional’ tab. At the bottom of the page, you will see a ‘Create new locale’ button. Clicking th… more »