• Welcome message after account activation

    This panel allows the automatic sending of a Welcome private message when users activate their account. more »
  • Returned Emails

    This tab shows a list of emails sent by b2evolution but were returned or rejected. more »
  • Image / Attachment Positions

    When images or other files are attached to a post, they can be assigned to different positions: Positions Reference Teaser The image will be displayed before the Teaser of the post. Clicking on the image will zoom it. Teaser-Permalink The image will be… more »
  • Cities import

    CSV file must has the following columns: Post code City name Sub-region code (optional column; recommended) Region code (optional column; provide only if no sub-region) Notes: The fields separator is semicolon ; First row is reserved for column titles,… more »
  • Loading additional resources into a skin

    As skin developers, sometimes we need to add our own resources, such as Javascript or CSS code, to our skins, either as complete filenames or just as code snippets. In order to do so, the b2evolution skin’s API provides several methods to manage… more »
  • Poll Form

    Creating a Poll [image:7747] When you create a poll you can enter: A poll owner who will later be able to manage the poll answers; A poll question. For example: "What’s your favorite car brand?"; The number of answers allowed per user;… more »
  • Item Status Form

    This screen lets you enable which item types accept which item statuses. This is useful to narrow down the list of possible statuses that can be used in the Workflow Panel. more »
  • Summary View for Social Media (Open Graph)

    This view shows a summary of each Post/Page as it will likely appear on social media (through the use of Open Graph meta data). more »
  • List action: Set account status

    This feature lets you change the user account status for all accounts in the current selection. This may be useful to manually activate a list of accounts or to require re-validation of a list of accounts. [image:8711:Set account status dialog… more »
  • [parent:] Short Tag

    The [parent:] short tag is used to reference the parent of an Item. Note: An Item can be linked to a parent Item in the Item Properties Panel. Linking to the parent [parent:titlelink] [parent:url] Displaying all fields of the parent [parent:fields]… more »
  • Item Type: Use of Instructions Panel

    These options allow you to display custom instructions in the Item Edit Screen (Back-Office) and Inskin Edit Screen (Front-Office). more »
  • Email Statistics

    This page shows a stacked column graph and a table of the total number of emails sent from your site per day. The displayed number of emails sent are broken down into the following statuses: Opened: emails that were sent to and opened by recipient Sent:… more »
  • Starting a Conversation

    On the Conversations List, click on the Compose new button. This will display a form where you can write your private message, add a subject and send it to a number of registered User. more »
  • Organization: Edit user membership

    To edit a User’s membership in an Organization, click on the corresponding Edit membership… icon under the Actions column of the Members of this organization list. [image:8714:Edit membership dialog box:.border.rounded] You can change the… more »
  • Single Item View Panel

    This panel lets you select how the default behavior of the post by post navigation. This setting may be overridden by skin of the collection. more »
  • Clean up email logs older than a threshold

    This task will delete all email logs that are older than the set time interval. more »
  • Sub-regions import

    CSV file must has the following columns: Region code Sub-region code Sub-region name Notes: The fields separator is semicolon ; First row is reserved for column titles, don’t use it for data more »
  • Regions import

    CSV file must has the following columns: Region code Region name Notes: The fields separator is semicolon ; First row is reserved for column titles, don’t use it for data more »
  • Heavy DB maintenance (CHECK & OPTIMIZE)

    This will perform heavy maintenance on your database. This may put some serious strain on your server. Don’t run this too frequently. more »
  • Light DB maintenance (ANALYZE)

    This will perform light maintenance on your database. Can be run often. more »
  • Prune old files from page cache

    The /_cache folder will accumulate many files over time that may no longer be needed. This tasks will clean up the files that are no longer needed. more »
  • Prune recycled comments

    This tasks will permanently delete old comments from the recycle bin so that the recycle bin does not grow indefinitely. more »
  • Categories Tab

    The Categories tab is where you manage categories (and sub-categories) to each specific collection in your site. You must create at least one category for each collection you wish to post to. more »
  • Photoblog Anatomy

    A photoblog is a blog that places emphasis on images. Each post can feature an image only or an image accompanied by text. In a photoblog, only the most recent post is shown on the home page, unlike with a traditional blog where several posts may appear… more »
  • Create/Edit Options Panel

    In this panel, you can configure several options that affect the creation or editing of Posts/Items. more »
  • Settings to Decode Returned Emails

    This screen lets you configure the settings needed to decode returned email. more »
  • How to Include External Photos or Images

    Adding images to your post can be done through both the simple and expert text editor screens. more »
  • Additional Permissions Panel

    Here you can choose whether a user has access to blog stats and messaging. You can also edit their ability to view, edit and upload files, as well as the maximum number of threads they can start. more »
  • Email Envelope Settings

    These settings are use when b2evolution sends out notification emails to users of the site. Sender email address This is the address that will appear in the ‘From:’ field of notification emails sent by b2evolution. Sender name This i… more »
  • Profile Picture widget

    This widget will display the profile picture of the owner of the collection. It can be placed anywhere as each collection will have an owner. Note: This widget will be context-sensitive in the future. Settings [image:8889] The Image size setting… more »