• 1. Selecting a type for the new collection

    The first step is to select the kind / type of collection you want to create. What you select here will preset many of your collection settings in order for your collection to behave a certain way. Nothing will be set in stone though. In b2evolution,… more »
  • Liked Files

    This tab lets you see which files (especially photos) have received the most likes or the most dislikes. Voting to Like / Dislike Voting to like or dislike is typically done in the colorbox popup window that appears when users click on a photo to zoom… more »
  • Conversations List

    This shows you a list of all your conversations with other users. The most recently active conversations appear on top. more »
  • General Settings Panel

    The setting in this panel allows the use of HTML in messages. more »
  • Regional Regions List

    This tab lets you manage the list of regions that are available for this site. more »
  • Regional Sub-Regions List

    This tab lets you manage the list of sub-regions that are available for this site. more »
  • Regional Cities List

    This tab lets you manage the list of cities that are available for this site. more »
  • Item Type: General Settings Panel

    Usage This allows you to specify how items under this type will be used in the site. The usage will generally affect how the item type will be displayed in the site. For more information on usage, please read: Item Usage Template name This allows you to… more »
  • Update a User (REST)

    POST /api/v1/users/ This is API end-point to update a user like admins/moderators can do this from back-office Editing an User Account. more »
  • Polls List

    This page displays a list of available polls which you can later use in various places of the site and included in your Items’ content. more »
  • Campaign info: Info Panel

    This panel shows general info about the campaign. The campaign name is for internal use only. It serves to identify the campaign when looking at lists of campaigns in the back-office. It is *NOT* the title of the emails. more »
  • Existing Backups Panel

    This panel displays the backups that already exist on the server. more »
  • List action: Add/Remove tags

    This Users List feature lets you add and/or remove User Tags for all accounts in the current selection. This can be used to quickly manage the tags of a large set of users. [image:8712:Add/remove tags dialog box:.border.rounded] more »
  • Organization: Adding Members

    An authorized user can add a User to an Organization, by clicking on the Add User button found in the Members of this organization list. more »
  • Comments Full Text View

    This page displays and help you manage the comments of the current collection. The full text of the comments are shown to allow for quick moderation. more »
  • Send a chunk of emails for the campaign "email campaign name"

    This task will send a chunk of emails for a campaign each time it is executed. Chunk size: the number of emails that will be sent every time this task is executed. If the chunk size is less than the total number of emails to be sent, the task will… more »
  • Markdown Importer

    The markdown importer allows you to a directory structure containing MarkDown .md files + related images. more »
  • About Blogs

    You type something in a form and hit "blog this"; in the next second it’s on your website page(s). Pages are generated dynamically. Your posts are automatically arranged by date into a template/skin you have chosen and that you can cus… more »
  • Send reminders about comments awaiting moderation

    This tasks will send reminder emails to moderators when some comments have been left unmoderated for too long (more than 24 hours). more »
  • Delete a User (REST)

    DELETE /api/v1/users/ This is API end-point to delete a user like admins/moderators can do this from back-office Users. more »
  • Campaign info: List Recipients Panel

    This panel allows you to manage the recipient of the email campaign and possibly assign user tags to recipients. more »
  • Item Type: Structured Data Panel

    This panel lets you select a schema to markup your Item/Post with structured data. b2evolution uses schema maintained by Schema.org. more »
  • Lost Password

    Forgot your password? Don’t panic, as long as you provided a valid email address upon the creation of your user during installation, you can provide your username on this page and a password reset link will be sent to your email. How to recover a… more »
  • Campaign Info: Click Tagging Panel

    This panel allows you to add User Tags to users who click on different CTA Buttons within an Email Campaign. more »
  • Send reminders about posts awaiting moderation

    This task will send reminder emails to moderators when some posts have been left unmoderated for too long (more than the "Trigger" time). If you want to read more about which posts will be included in the reminders and who will receive them,… more »
  • Campaign Info: Automations Panel

    This panel allows you to take additional actions through Automation when a User clicks a CTA Button, Like, Dislike and Activate button/link. more »
  • Extract info from hit log ("Process hit log")

    This task should be scheduled to run daily, some time after midnight. Its role is to process the sessions and hit log tables in the database, and particularly to remove old data in order to keep the size of the database reasonable. The number of days… more »
  • Campaign Compose Tab

    This is where you compose the email to be sent out. more »
  • Prune old hits & sessions (includes OPTIMIZE)

    This task will avoid that your sessions and hitlog tables grow indefinitely. It should typically run once a day (preferably at a low traffic time for your site). more »
  • Recognizing a crawler attack

    When you look at your b2evolution's Analytics Tab, you may see a huge increase of traffic like this: more »