• Username Display Settings

    Bubble tips are help bubble that display when you hover over a username. They show the profile picture and a few details about the user. In the backoffice you can turn bubble tips on or off on this screen. In the front office, you can do this on every… more »
  • Browser Hits Summary

    For each collection, you can get a graph of browser hits broken down by refered searches (from search engines), other referers, direct accesses/bookmarks, self refered (site navigation), special referers, referer spam and admin interface hits if you… more »
  • Global Hits Summary

    The Global hits sub-tab shows a bar graph and a table of daily totals that summarize each type of hit made on your site. If you are looking for the total number of hits regardless their type, look at the rightmost column that shows the total count. more »
  • Why do I need Server Side Analytics (SSA)?

    All analytics packages attempt to show you how your Site Visitors and Site Users actually use your site. Where they come from, what they look at, how long they stay, what they’re searching for, etc. Some will be better suited than others for… more »
  • Uploading large files

    I can’t upload big size pictures and graphics even though my web server has unlimited upload For upload size issues, go to Global Settings > Files > File creation options > Maximum upload filesize and setup your upload limit size. more »
  • Black thumbnails with red error message

    Black thumbnails saying "Ewr-access" or ".evocache folder read/write error! Check filesystem permissions." [image:526:] [image:528:] That message means b2evolution cannot create or access the thumbnail image file or a directory to… more »
  • Media File & evocache Permission Errors

    If you are reading this, you probably encountered a file permission error within your /media directory. The /media directory is the directory on your server where b2evolution will store all the files/images you upload to your blog. Apparently, b2evolu… more »
  • Media directory "xyz" could not be created

    b2evolution (actually PHP) has no permission to create the directory needed for storing the media files belonging to a certain collection or user. Make sure all sub-directories of the `/media` folder are writable by PHP. more »
  • Suspicious Files

    Suspicious files are those that have received votes as Inappropriate or Spam. In this table you could check details of any of them in order to make decisions on how to proceed. more »
  • Uploading and Posting Files/Images

    How to attach and insert an image to a post. more »
  • Workflow Panel

    This Panel can appear in the backoffice and in the front office when Worfklow is enabled in Workflow Settings. Please see Item Workflow Properties Panel for more details. more »
  • Item Workflow Properties Panel

    This panel allows the assignment of Workflow properties to the item: Priority: indicates the priority of the item on a scale of 1 to 5 with 1 being the highest and 5 the lowest. Assigned to: assign the item to a User. For collections with advanced… more »
  • Invalid filename

    b2evolution restricts and validates the name of the files and directories that you can use. You can change this restriction in the Advanced options panel under the Files Settings tab. The default settings are set for maximum security and compatibility.… more »
  • My users do not have access to the files section / upload

    There are several permissions involved: The user needs to be in a User Group that has at least View permissions for "Files" (to browse files) or Add/Upload permissions for uploading (see the User Groups: File Permissions) The user needs to… more »
  • Duplicate Files

    Everytime you upload a file to b2evolution, it calculates and saves a unique hash code based on the content of that file. By storing these hash codes in the database, it is possible to compare them and detect which files are identical from all the files… more »
  • Liked Files

    This tab lets you see which files (especially photos) have received the most likes or the most dislikes. Voting to Like / Dislike Voting to like or dislike is typically done in the colorbox popup window that appears when users click on a photo to zoom… more »
  • File Type Editing

    Extensions A file type may have several synonymous extensions such as jpg and jpeg. Use whitespace to separate multiple extensions. File type name This is the name that identifies the file type for humans Mime type This is the name that identifies the… more »
  • File Types List

    The File Types Settings is where you define the different file types (based on their extensions) that can be uploaded as attachments to posts, comments & private messages or even furthermore renamed or edited in b2evolution’s File Manager. more »
  • Item Types

    Item Types (previously called Post Types ) allow you to define the characteristics of a set of Items/Posts by specifying its usage and enabling certain features for each type. This allows for forum topics to behave a little differently from blog posts… more »
  • Advanced Options Panel

    This panel provides extended configuration for handling files and folders. more »
  • Image Options

    Resize large images after upload It is recommended to enable this feature in order to save images in smaller size. The following PHP ini settings may cause issues when large file uploads are enabled: upload_max_filesize: The maximum size of a fil… more »
  • File Creation Options

    This panel is where you can set the privileges of users to create folders and files, and allowing them to upload files. more »
  • Accessible File Roots

    This panel is where you can configure what File Roots will be accessible to allowed Users. more »
  • Advanced Upload

    Most of the time you won’t need to use this screen to upload! Instead, use the drag & drop area from the File Manager main screen. This screen lets you upload multiple files by changing the name and setting properties during the upload. It… more »
  • Display Settings

    This section is where you can configure the settings on what the File Browser will display: displaying thumbnails instead of icons for image files; showing or hiding file attribute columns; and other options that controls the display of the file browser. more »
  • Styling widgets

    b2evolution has a method to automagically apply styles to each widget you might select for any given container. Your skin needs to use a special class caller in order to get the automagic classes to happen. After that, your style sheet needs to say what… more »
  • Post List Panel

    Post list. In this section, you can configure the way your posts are listed on your blog. The Order by option allows you to order your posts as follows: by the date your post was issued or published (this is the default setting), more »
  • Comment Recycle Bin

    This panel allows you to specify the number of days a recycled comment is kept in the recycle bin before it is purged. Warning: This setting affects ALL collections in the system. more »
  • Flagged Item List Widget

    The Flagged Item List widget works similarly to the Universal Item List Widget except that this widget only lists flagged items. This widget is usually used to display a list of items that the current user is interested in. more »
  • disp = edit

    This Disp is used to display the in-skin edit form for a Post. This is also used for creating new posts directly in the skin. more »