• Item Type: Features Panel

    This is where you configure if this item type will require a Title, add an optional short title, a content Text, if that text can be HTML, if there can be teaser and page breaks, if files can be attached and if the post can be featured (e-g:… more »
  • Item Type: Custom Fields Panel

    Read the Custom Fields page for more information on creating custom fields. more »
  • Item Languages / Version Panel

    Language This lets you select the Locale of your post from all of the locales that have been enabled in the Collection’s Collection Language / Locale Panel. Show for… / Show only… Here you can determine if you want to show this post to… more »
  • Organization: Adding Members

    An authorized user can add a User to an Organization, by clicking on the Add User button found in the Members of this organization list. more »
  • Editing Organizations

    The "Organizations tab" is meant to be a another way to classify users inside the site, from this view could be created as many organization as wished, and the stored information for anyone of them is: the name of the organization and the URL… more »
  • Notification Options Panel

    This panel allows you to choose the type of notification the Users in this group will receive: full text or short notification. more »
  • System Admin Permissions Panel

    This panel controls access to various Back Office options, including users and groups, settings, antispam, slug management, and email management. more »
  • File Permissions Panel

    This panel allows you to set the file permissions for the edited user group. more »
  • Email Campaign Throttling

    This panel lets you throttle the sending of email campaigns. more »
  • Send a chunk of emails for the campaign "email campaign name"

    This task will send a chunk of emails for a campaign each time it is executed. Chunk size: the number of emails that will be sent every time this task is executed. If the chunk size is less than the total number of emails to be sent, the task will… more »
  • Internal Searches Analytics Tab

    PRO Feature This screen allows to see all internal searches. It is useful to identify: Searches with no results TODO fix bug that always displays 1 Searches that had results but did not lead to any click by the user more »
  • Auto Anchors Plugin

    This renderer plugin automatically adds id="..." attributes to your <h1>-<h6> headers. Also it adds a hidden link with anchor icon which visible on mouse over header text like: This plugin is bundled with b2evolution version… more »
  • Collection Language / Locale Panel

    Collection Locales The Main locale for your collection will be the default language/locale for new posts and also the default language/locale for the navigation links, comment forms, etc. (The default behavior may be changed with the options below). A… more »
  • User Directory Features

    This panel allows you to control: if a User directory can be displayed – See disp = users ; how the list can be filtered ; what columns will be shown. more »
  • Evobar & Back-office Panel

    This panel allows you to set whether or not users of the group can see the evoBar at the top of their screen when they are logged-in, and furthermore, whether or not they can access the Back Office (which is generally accessed through the evoBar). more »
  • Blogging Permissions Panel

    This section allows you to choose which blogging permissions are available to the user. more »
  • General Settings Panel

    This panel allows you to set general settings for the User Group. more »
  • Default User Group Settings

    The default permissions for each group can be modified on the User Groups Tab by clicking on the group name. New groups can also be created by clicking on the "Add group" link. more »
  • How username autocomplete works

    1) We search logins on the current page only when entered login length is less 4 chars. I.e. when we enter @use we still search only on the current page between html elements with class user and login (e.g. <span class="user login… more »
  • System Skin Properties

    This screen shows the system properties of a skin. These properties apply to the skin globally, regardless of how many times it is used and in which collections it is used. more »
  • Publish an XML Site Map

    In b2evolution v6+, XML Sitemaps are generated automatically and can be accessed by adding ?tempskin=_sitemap to the URL of your collection. Example: https://your-site.com/your-collection-name/?tempskin=_sitemap . Notes: This feature is only active if… more »
  • Find Duplicate Users

    This screen displays the list of duplicate users. Users are considered duplicate if their email address is already being used by other users. more »
  • Creating a New User

    New users can be manually created through the Users & Groups tab located in the Back Office. more »
  • Email Panel

    This panel allows you to configure the user’s email address and shows the email addresses’ and the email domain’s status. It also displays information about the latest email reminders sent to the user. more »
  • Registration Info Panel

    This panel will show you information about how the user registered (and potentially also how the account was closed). more »
  • Reputation Panel

    This panel displays how the user’s contribution to the site, i.e., posts created, comments made, photos uploaded, are received by the other users. This also shows the number of audio, video, and other files that the user has uploaded to the site… more »
  • Usage Info Panel

    This panel displays the user’s usage of the site in terms of the number of reports made, collections owned, posts created and edited, comments made, sessions created, private messages sent and received. This is also shows when the user was last… more »
  • User Permissions Panel

    This panel lets you assign a user to User Groups and assign them a user level. You can also change the user’s account status in this panel. more »
  • Receiving Notifications Panel

    In the Notifications Tab tab, you can choose which automatic email notifications you want to receive. more »
  • Individual Post Subscriptions Panel

    This panel lets you manage your (or someone else’s if you are a User Admin) subscriptions to individual Posts/Topics/Items. more »