• Collection Demo Contents

    This panel lets you create some demo content to try out when creating a new collection. more »
  • Campaign Send Test Email Panel

    This panel allows the sending of a test email to check how the email campaign will appear in your email client(s). There are additional options to enable the tracking of test email opening via image load and link clicks. more »
  • Campaign Review Panel

    In this screen you can: Get a preview of the email using both formats previously defined. Compose a separate plain-text version of the campaign by selecting the Edit separately option for the plain-text message and and then clicking on the Edit button.… more »
  • Plain-text Compose Panel

    You can compose a separate plain-text version of the email campaign in this screen. This allows you to customize how the campaign will look like when viewed in plain-text and independent of the HTML version. more »
  • Duplicating an Email Campaign

    In the Email Campaign List, under the Actions column, click on the Duplicate this email campaign… icon. This will lead to the campaign duplicate screen where you can change the campaign name and the email list where the campaign will be sent. more »
  • Posts Awaiting Moderation Panel

    This collection dashboard panel will show up to five (5) posts awaiting moderation per status. Which posts are considered awaiting moderation depends on the "Require moderation" statuses setting found in the Post Features and under the Post… more »
  • Test Cron Job Execution

    This screen displays the result of the execution of the next scheduled job in queue. This enables you test b2evolution’s internal scheduler. However this is not how the scheduler should normally run. You should normally set up a Unix cron job to… more »
  • Workflow view

    Using the "Workflow features" in a collection you will be able to add aditional information to its items with the idea to help on information management processes, making this more visible to your users. The information that could be add to ea… more »
  • Item Notifications Panel

    This panel indicates the status of notifications and pings for the current item. This also allows you to manage how notifications and pings will be handled on the next save. more »
  • Item Workflow Properties Panel

    This panel allows the assignment of Workflow properties to the item: Priority: indicates the priority of the item on a scale of 1 to 5 with 1 being the highest and 5 the lowest. Assigned to: assign the item to a User. For collections with advanced… more »
  • Item Additional Actions Panel

    This panel allows you to send Trackbacks to the desired URLs. This panel will only be displayed if you enable Trackbacks in the Comment Feedback Options panel. more »
  • Editing a Plugin

    This edit form allows you to change the plugin’s properties. Plugin Info This panel allows you to change the plugin name and description. Plugin variables This panel allows you to change the plugin’s code and priority. Priority determines in… more »
  • Starting a Conversation

    On the Conversations List, click on the Compose new button. This will display a form where you can write your private message, add a subject and send it to a number of registered User. more »
  • Advanced Backup Options Panel

    This panel allows you to specify the files and folders to include in the backup process. You can also opt to backup content and/or log & stats DB tables. more »
  • Already Downloaded Panel

    This panel displays a list of already downloaded ZIP archives/folders that may be used to upgrade your application. These files are located under the _upgrade/ folder by default. By clicking "Use this…" you can use an already downloaded… more »
  • Upgrade from Git

    This feature is very similar to Auto-Upgrade but it allows you to pull a version of b2evolution from an existing Git repository. more »
  • Existing Backups Panel

    This panel displays the backups that already exist on the server. more »
  • List action: Add/Remove tags

    This Users List feature lets you add and/or remove User Tags for all accounts in the current selection. This can be used to quickly manage the tags of a large set of users. [image:8712:Add/remove tags dialog box:.border.rounded] more »
  • Organization: Add member

    To add a User to an Organization, click on the +Add User button found in the Members of this organization list. You can define the following fields: Username: login name of the user to add. Membership: select whether or not the user is accepted in the… more »
  • Organization: Edit user membership

    To edit a User’s membership in an Organization, click on the corresponding Edit membership… icon under the Actions column of the Members of this organization list. [image:8714:Edit membership dialog box:.border.rounded] You can change the… more »
  • List action: Add users to automation

    This Users List feature lets you add all Users in the current selection to an Automation. [image:8713:Add users to automation dialog box:.border.rounded] more »
  • List action: Change groups

    This Users List feature lets you change the primary group of all accounts in the current selection. This feature can also add/remove the selected users to/from secondary groups. [image:8709:Change groups dialog box:.border.rounded] more »
  • Single Item View Panel

    This panel lets you select how the default behavior of the post by post navigation. This setting may be overridden by skin of the collection. more »
  • Meta Discussion View

    This page displays and help you manage the meta comments of the current collection. more »
  • Comments Full Text View

    This page displays and help you manage the comments of the current collection. The full text of the comments are shown to allow for quick moderation. more »
  • Comments List View

    The page displays a table of recent comments for the current collection, listing only basic information about each comment. more »
  • Test Saved Settings

    This screen allows you to perform test using the saved settings. The following tests are available: Connect to server and list folders: use this to verify correct email server settings. Get one returned email: use this to verify that the Return Path… more »
  • Create/Edit Options Panel

    In this section, you can configure several useful options for your posts. The Default status option allows you to specify the default status of every new post as follows: as Public, which everyone can see (not a highly recommended setting)as Community… more »
  • Item Votes Widget

    This widget allows users to vote on a post (if Item Voting Options are enabled). This widget can also show how a summary of votes for the item. This widget should be placed in the "Item Single" Container. more »
  • PHP

    b2evolution works with both PHP 4 and PHP 5. You can download "PHP: Hypertext processor" at http://php.net/. more »