• IP Range Editing

    This screen allows you to edit the properties of an IP Range and see which users have registered though this IP range as well as which sessions have connected from this IP range. more »
  • The File Manager

    b2evolution’s integrated file manager lets you upload images, sounds, videos and any kind of media or documents that you can then attach to your collection posts. Admins can also use the file manager to edit skin templates online. more »
  • Feedback Options

    In this panel, you can select who can leave comments on your Items/Posts and what information they are allowed to post. more »
  • Using SSL

    This page will be amended. Getting an SSL certificate There are a small amount of universally recognized SSL signing authorities. However they have dozens of resellers who resell the same certificates cheaper as if you buy them from the source. So shop… more »
  • Assets URLs / CDN support Panel

    This allows you to use a Content Distribution Network. This is also useful in case you are using a Multi Domain Setup, so you can choose which domain to use for loading your /rsc/ assets, your /media/ files and additional assests used by /skins/. more »
  • Collection base URL Panel

    The Collection base URL panel lets you configure what the root URL of your collection will look like. This requires Collection Admin permission. SSL You can select the protocol to be used by the collection. Collection URL name: This is a short name used… more »
  • Goal Stats

    This view displays a graph of the daily hits tracked on each one of the goals defined in the site. more »
  • Prune old hits & sessions (includes OPTIMIZE)

    This task will avoid that your sessions and hitlog tables grow indefinitely. It should typically run once a day (preferably at a low traffic time for your site). more »
  • Central Antispam Blacklist

    The Central Antispam Blacklist is a centralized list hosted by b2evolution.net and maintained based on community contributions. It contains words and phrases to work with the Antispam Blacklist feature and may be used to update the Local Blacklist. more »
  • Adding a Blacklist Entry

    If you want to add a keyword or phrase to your Local Blacklist, you must use the form above. Several tasks will be performed by b2evolution after you type an entry and click the button Check & ban…. more »
  • Local Blacklist

    This list is used by b2evolution to support the Antispam Blacklist feature. Basically, any URL containing one of the keywords on this list will be banned from posts, comments and logs. more »
  • Scheduled Job Info

    Job details displays the information about the scheduled job as it is recorded in the queue. more »
  • Scheduler Job Form

    This form lets you create a new Scheduled Job. more »
  • Scheduled Job Execution Details Panel

    The Execution details panel shows details about the scheduled task as it is recorded in the scheduler log. more »
  • Windows Scheduled Task Setup

    Warning: The following assumes you have administrative access to the Windows server where b2Evolution is served from and that the Task Scheduler service is enabled. These instructions are valid for Windows Server 2000 and 2003. They will probably work… more »
  • cPanel Cron Job Setup

    This solution isn’t as good as setting up a Linux cron job by far, but we mentioned it since cPanel is very widespread and somewhat easier to set up. So if your host uses cPanel as a web configuration interface, you can go to the "cron… more »
  • Linux Cron Job Setup

    Warning: The following assumes you have your own Linux server with root access. Blindly following this procedure may lead to breaking your Linux setup. DO NOT do this if you don’t understand it. Use this page only as a guideline. Running the… more »
  • Scheduled Jobs List

    This tab shows a list of currently scheduled jobs. Each line represents a job that is pending (waiting to be executed), currently executing (started), or has already executed: Finished, Timed out, Error. more »
  • Emails don't arrive / Email notifications don't work

    b2evolution will send emails in a number of occasions: a user wants to register a user forgot his password and requested a new one a user wants to contact the admin a user wants to contact another user If you are not receiving these email notifications… more »
  • Email Addresses

    This tab shows a list of email addresses registered in the site and their current status. You can find information on the number of times an error was encountered when sending email to each address, the total number of emails sent, dates when the last… more »
  • Test Saved Settings

    This screen allows you to perform tests using the saved POP/IMAP settings. more »
  • Settings to Decode Returned Emails

    This screen lets you configure the settings needed to decode returned email. more »
  • Returned Emails

    This tab shows a list of emails sent by b2evolution but were returned or rejected. more »
  • Email Deliverability

    Email Deliverability is a tough, yet important subject when you try to send emails from your website. We’ll try to summarize the most important stuff here! more »
  • Step action "Start new automation"

    This step will start the specified automation with the queued user. more »
  • Step action "Unsubscribe User from List"

    This step will unsubscribe the queued user from the specified Email List. more »
  • Step action "Subscribe User to List"

    This step will subscribe the queued user to the specified Email List. more »
  • Step action "Remove Usertag"

    This step will remove the specified User Tag from the queued user. more »
  • Step action "Add Usertag"

    This action step will add the specified User Tag to the queued user. more »
  • Step action "Notify owner"

    This step will send a notification email to the automation owner. more »