Downloading: 5.1.0-beta

Non-exhaustive list of changes:

The list below may not be complete and is still being updated as beta testing is in progress.

  • New Site Structure settings with site-wide header & footer support
  • Photo publishing:
  • Forums:
    • Cleaned up Forums skin.
  • Emailing:
    • Complete email campaign management interface.
    • Comment ratings are now included in comment notification emails.
  • Plugins:
    • Added Markdown formatting.
  • Antispam:
    • Email notifications to user moderators when someone makes significant changes to their profile
    • User moderators can delete all data created by a spammer user
    • Control whether users can see users of other countries (user group setting)
    • Control whether users can contact users of other countries (user group setting)
    • Enhanced Referring domains management
    • New Top IPs Tab shows the most active IP addresses which helps to zero in on spammer IPs.
  • Front-office:
    • It’s now possible to determine which visibility statuses are shown in the front-office for posts and comments. This is especially useful for draft items which make sense to be shown to their author in the forums but not necessarily in blogs for example.
  • Analytics:
  • Back-office:
    • Redesigned login / register / lost password screens based on bootstrap. (more use of bootstrap to come in next release).
    • Simplified upload: files can now be dragged & dropped directly onto the main browser window. Removed some clutter.
    • Enhanced Workflow features.
    • Removed WordPress DB importer. The XML importer should cover all cases.
    • Additional help links to documentation
    • Additional ways to access the Item Revision History
    • Page manual link. A global help icon that links to the online manual and is shown in all the views of the back-office.
  • Performance:
  • Installer tool to convert your database to UTF-8.
  • Developer tools:
    • Option to Show/Hide containers from the Blog Menu when debugging is turned on.
  • Stability:
    • The b2evolution slug resolver now accepts multiple junk chars at the end of the URLs (typically things like "> or ); at the end of URLs generated by scrapers or poorly coded/maintained sites).
    • Fixed block cache conflicts in case of multiple b2evo instances on the same server (remember to change $instance-name in _advanced.php)
  • Ability to disable some statuses in the front office. Useful for displaying drafts in the forums but not in normal blogs for example.