Dedicated servers & Managed server web hosting

Budget hosting plans are generally good for hosting 1-3 blogs depending on traffic.

Quality hosting plans will support up to 10-15 blogs depending on traffic.

Above that, we recommend you run your own dedicated server in order to get best performance for your blogs and/or other web applications.

Top dedicated and managed server offers for April 21, 2021Updated daily!

Web HostHosting company
Hosting Plan
PriceRAMHDTransferIpsSee details
InMotion$ 139.99/month16
1 000
5Fully Customizable
Liquidweb$ 99.00/month16
BlueHost$ 79.99/month4
2No SSD!
A2 Hosting$ 99.59/month8
1 000
GBOptional SSD
2Fully customizable
HostGator$ 89.98/month8
1 000
Unlimited1Semi-Managed Option

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Dedicated server processors

When it comes to choosing a dedicated server, choosing between the offerings can be daunting, especially when looking at the processors! There are so many that it's almost impossible to compare them.

  • There are two manufacturers with different technologies
  • They each have several different product lines
  • They have the same processors with different numbers of cores
  • They have the same processors with different added features
  • Within each product line there are different generations of chips
  • Within each generation there are different clock speeds

It used to be relatively easy: 486 was better than 386 which was better than 286... but there are no numbers any more. Only cryptic names and multiple variations. If you're not a CPU geek, you're doomed...

My advice for most dedicated servers would be this: go for the one that has the most RAM. Then only try to compare processors. RAM is much more important than you'd think for servers, especially if you have database driven apps.

Now, what I frequently miss is a rough guide to what CPU is newer/better than which others. I tried to put this together below...

As I understand it, here's how I'd order the Intel processors, from the best to the weakest:

  1. Itanium
  2. Xeon
  3. Core2 Extreme
  4. Core2 Quad
  5. Core2 Duo
  6. Pentium Extreme
  7. Pentium Dual-Core
  8. Pentium D
  9. Pentium 4 HT Extreme
  10. Pentium 4 HT
  11. Celeron Dual-Core
  12. Celeron D
  13. Celeron

Here's how I believe you could roughly rank AMD processors (from best to weakest):

  1. Opteron Quad Core
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How to improve your website performance with a CDN

Why you need a CDN

Using a CDN is one of the easiest and fastest ways to boost your website performance.

In order to see where the biggest peformance bootlenecks are, you can start by having a look at a waterfall graph of your website. The example above comes from (before optimization). Any modern web browser will let you display this for you own site by using its developer menu/tools. When you do this for your site, just remember to clear your browser cache before measuring, otherwise your results won’t really show what your visitors experience.

The waterfall graph shows one line for each file that is downloaded to display your page. Here are the color codes used by Safari:

  • The blue line is the main PHP/HTML file;
  • The green lines are for CSS files;
  • The yellow lines are for Javascript files;
  • Finally the purple ones are for images.

Pay attention to 3 important aspects here:

  • There are usually more files than you think that need to be downloaded to display a single web page.
  • All files don’t start downloading right away.
  • Each file has a long Latency time and a comparatively short Actual Transfer time.

Let’s look at these 3 problems in order.

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Hosting plan details

InMotion Dedicated Essential

InMotion Dedicated Essential

$ 139.99/mo

Control Panel: cPanel

Fully Customizable

InMotion Dedicated Essential

« Our powerful dedicated servers are built to handle any situation - from small applications, to high volume websites. We use only reliable Dell servers that are factory-built and tested. Coupled with FREE server setup by our Managed Hosting team, we're here to ensure your server matches your needs so that you can achieve your goals. »

Free Custom Server Setup • Get RAM, SSD & SAS drive upgrades • Managed Hosting available

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Liquidweb Dedicated

Liquidweb Dedicated

$ 99.00/mo

Liquidweb Dedicated

Dedicated server users can choose Linux or Windows operating systems and will experience the paramount peace of mind provided by our 24x7 Proactive Sonar Monitoring® and ServerSecure® server hardening. These fully managed dedicated server features are available in Single Processor, Dual Processor and Quad Processor setups and all come backed by our SLA, one of the most comprehensive in web hosting, featuring a 100% Uptime guarantee, 30 minute or less Heroic Support® response and full hardware replacement.”

SSD Drive • Fully Managed: CentOS or Windows Server • Self Managed: Ubuntu or Debian

Current Prices and Promotions for Liquidweb Dedicated Updated daily!
Selected hosting package: Single Xeon E3
Payment planMonthlyTotal price
12 Month Contract$ 99.00 /mo$ 1188.00

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BlueHost Dedicated Standard

BlueHost Dedicated Standard

$ 79.99/mo

Control Panel: cPanel


BlueHost Dedicated Standard

« With an entire Bluehost server at your disposal, your websites can experience the best performance imaginable while you enjoy the advanced control and security you need. »

Current Prices and Promotions for BlueHost Dedicated Standard Updated daily!
Selected hosting package: Standard
Payment planMonthlyTotal price
12 Month Contract$ 99.99 /mo$ 1199.88
24 Month Contract$ 89.99 /mo$ 2159.76
36 Month Contract$ 79.99 /mo$ 2879.64

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A2 Hosting Dedicated Unmanaged

$ 99.59/mo

Fully customizable

A2 Hosting Dedicated Unmanaged

« With root access and your choice of Linux OS, run your server how you want. Don't worry about your hardware; our Smart System Notifier monitors your server 24/7 to ensure it's ultra-reliable. Order now and you should even have access to your server in 30-minutes or less!. »

CentOS / Debian / Fedora / Gentoo / Slackware / Ubuntu • Managed Hosting available

NOTE: We recommend the "Unmanaged Flex Server" because the "Semi Dedicated Server" is not a real dedicated server (for example: no root access, virtual RAM...)

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HostGator Value Server

$ 89.98/mo

Control Panel: cPanel/WHM

Semi-Managed Option

HostGator Value Server

« HostGator uses Dell PowerEdge servers for it's dedicated servers which come fully managed with award winning 24/7/365 support. Choose from either a Linux (CentOS) server with cPanel/WHM control panel or a Windows Server 2008 with Plesk control panel. Servers are pre-configured with all updates, and a firewall for added security. Full root/admin access. Sign up today and get free setup and your server will be delivered in less than 24 hours! »

2x 250 GB Hard drives • 100 Mbps Uplink • Linux cPanel, Linux Plesk, or Windows Plesk • Fantastico

Current Prices and Promotions for HostGator Value Server Updated daily!
Selected hosting package: Value Server
Payment planMonthlyTotal price
12 Month Contract$ 109.98 /mo$ 1319.76
24 Month Contract$ 99.98 /mo$ 2399.52
36 Month Contract$ 89.98 /mo$ 3239.28

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