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Best article to learn about Cloud Hosting vs VPS Hosting. I really love to read your article. It is always best to choose Cloud VPS Server. that offers technical service with excellent security and best services for business and websites. This is highly accurate in many reasons.
Thank you for sharing this articles.

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InMotion Hosting service is dedicated to giving its users great services. That is why a lot of manpower is invested in customer support. While other companies put less effort in customer experience, InMotion spares no dime to give you exceptional services. I recommend you try it for the first-hand experience.


Well, I understand this page except that the copy of b2evolution I downloaded has no subfolder labled “bolgs", so how am I supposed to know just what to ftp to my shared web-host? The directions here say to select the “blogs” subfolder and send the contents to the web-host. … In my case the contents of the main folder that appeared as I unzipped the download do contain much of what these instructions say will be in the blogs subfolder BUT I think there are extras, like I suspect I do not need to transfer the various languages of readme files… what else? What all should I ftp, and what do I not need to? I attach a jpg of my directory folder, the unzipped b2evolution, I have changed nothing in it.
Thanks for any insight/help/guidance!

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Nice article, you clearly define the difference between Cloud Hosting vs. VPS Hosting… as you said that in your article “VPS is best suited for small sites that need flexibility (root access) but need to contain their hosting costs” and “Cloud is best suited for sites that need load balancing and frequent up/down scaling depending on traffic surges"… I appreciate…

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SMD Ashik

This is the first time I read anything about Hosting things. Thank you so much, for this wonderful information. It’s so nice to have your articles to go to for solid advice.

Bill Bass

iPage : the first year $1.99 is simply a loss leader and then they jack your price up to unimaginable rates. When you try to transfer your site away from them (which you will), they will employ every possible stall tactic, including repeatedly giving out bogus authorization codes, refusing to respond to the gaining host transfer requests, parking your domain in a bogus site called domain,com LLC, which is a black hole with no means of completing the transfer.Your site can be down for up to a year. I had to get ICANN involved with these crooks to get my domain transferred (it was down over a month while sitting in their black hole).

DON’T DO IT. If you are ever tempted to host your domain with these criminals, just refer to the line in “Vegas Vacation” where the blackjack dealer tells Clark Griswold, “…then we’ll go out back and I’ll kick you in the nuts and we’ll call it a day.” You will feel better than if you dealt with these clowns, trust me.

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I have hosted 2 websites on godaddy. It very good and user friendly cpanel. I like the support they provides. Only drawback is they charges more at the time of renewal plans.

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