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Comment from: Felipe Jimenez Visitor

Felipe Jimenez

Excellent support! I have a basic plan but they provide support and accompaniment to put your website in excellent condition. My website is now better positioned in google, thanks to the support I received from Inmotion Hosting. There are things to improve, but it is like any hosting company. You must do your part to keep your site in great condition and Inmotion will help you optimize it in the best possible way. Very good attention!

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Comment from: Claudio Visitor


I have been with InMotion Hosting for over 10 years now. Not once have they given me a reason to leave their services. They have always answered all my queries in a quick, simple manner and their service is unparalleled. I never had any interruptions to my service and therefore I will be always loyal to them as they have to me.

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I would never recommend Blue host to host a b2evo website. They want to blame everything that goes wrong on b2evo even when it is clearly their problem. I created a default installation using their 1 click process and when installed it did not meet the suggested requirement for the application. (no apc/opcache and no APCu on share servers.

Also they blocked downloads antispam keywords from and refused to try to resolve the problem when I showed that other servers using the same software could do it easily.

After spending hours in Tech service chats I gave up an am now moving to another host.

If you like b2evolution, Bluehost is a terrible choice.

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Best article to learn about Cloud Hosting vs VPS Hosting. I really love to read your article. It is always best to choose Cloud VPS Server. that offers technical service with excellent security and best services for business and websites. This is highly accurate in many reasons.
Thank you for sharing this articles.


Well, I understand this page except that the copy of b2evolution I downloaded has no subfolder labled “bolgs", so how am I supposed to know just what to ftp to my shared web-host? The directions here say to select the “blogs” subfolder and send the contents to the web-host. … In my case the contents of the main folder that appeared as I unzipped the download do contain much of what these instructions say will be in the blogs subfolder BUT I think there are extras, like I suspect I do not need to transfer the various languages of readme files… what else? What all should I ftp, and what do I not need to? I attach a jpg of my directory folder, the unzipped b2evolution, I have changed nothing in it.
Thanks for any insight/help/guidance!