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  • How to create your own flag / locale

    Many users would like to just add a flag for their country, even if they don't use a localized version for their language. Here's how to proceed: Find the ISO 3166 code for your country. Let's assume it is XY. Find a flag for your country an…More »
  • How to post by MMS

    This page applies ti b2evo 0.9.0 Originally posted by r0nh on the forums MMS is a way to post messages to a web page by just using your MMS-enabled mobile phone. Entries diary can contain text, images and sound (such as voice recordings or a music…More »
  • Make a Backup

    A b2evolution blog is made up of two distinct parts: the b2evolution program files (which includes your site layout, the backoffice, etc.) and your MySQL? database (which contains all your posts, comments, users, but not your uploaded files/images). Wh…More »
  • How to use UTF-8

    In order to use UTF-8 (UTF8) for your blog, basically, all that you have to do is go to [[Blogs_tab|Blog Settings]] > General and select the appropriate locale for your blog. The selected locale will set the languagen charset, country, flag and time…More »
  • Use RSS

    b2evolution has built-in support for RSS 0.92, RSS 1.0, RSS 2.0, and Atom feeds for both posts and comments. Anyone reading your site will automatically be able to discover your RSS feeds and subscribe to your site. Separate feeds exist for each individ…More »
  • How to set up Google Analytics

    Generate your tracking code snippet The Google Analytics documentation about how to generate your tracking code snippet can be found here: The code snippet will look somethin…More »
  • How to compare backups

    If you have 2 backups of your site and want to compare them to see what changed from one to the next, or if you want to compare a backup to your current site, here’s what you can do: Comparing files On your Linux web server command line, type:…More »
  • Publish an XML Site Map

    In b2evolution v6+, XML Sitemaps are generated automatically and can be accessed by adding ?tempskin=_sitemap to the URL of your collection. Example: . Notes: This feature is only active if…More »
  • Show images in my RSS when option "Post excerpts" is selected

    By default, when you set the RSS mode of your blog as Post excerpts RSS/Atom feeds, and due the post excerpts are composed exclusively with text, your images will not be linked in the final XML file. In order to include your images set as teaser, you…More »
  • Include an image rollover in a post

    In this simple tutorial you will learn how to include rollover images in your posts. The final result will be having and image like thisMore »
  • FTP 101: How to upload and manage files on your web server

    This page tells you what you need to know to upload files to your web server and mange them using FTP, which stands for **File Transfer Protocol**, in case you wonder. This page tells you what you need…More »