• Plugin Documentation

    README.html To provide help for users of your plugin, you should ship with a README.html file. This file should be a standard HTML file, so it is viewable with any browser. Additionally, you should attach HTML IDs to paragraphs or DIVs which describe… more »
  • List of Plugin Hooks

    Below is the list of all plugin Hooks as of b2evolution 6.7.8. For more information about each method, look at the source code: in the "test plugin" class (greatly enhanced in v6.7.8) in the Plugin class itself. Plugin information (settings,… more »
  • List of Permissions

    These permissions operate on posts of the current Blog/Collection. This means posts that have their main category in this Blog. Attila: are extra categories used? Permissions Explained Is member This permission allows the User(s) to see posts pu… more »
  • Localizing b2evolution

    So you want to localize (mainly translate) b2evolution to your own language? Here’s how to do it with minimum effort by using the gettext system provided by b2evo. If this is the first time you are dealing with localization and/or gettext, you may… more »
  • Restoring a database backup

    A database backup is typically an SQL file with a name like b2evo_db.sql or b2evo_db.sql.gz. Th .gz at the end means the file is compressed with gzip. If you want to restore such a backup on your existing or a new server, there are several ways: I… more »
  • Migrating from phpBB

    b2evolution v5 features a phpBB import tool. We used this tool to migrate our own forums from pbpBB (v2) to b2evolution (v5). Here are the steps you should follow: Set up a new b2evolution installation on your final domain or on a test domain… more »
  • _basic_config.template.php

    /conf/_basic_config.template.php is not used by b2evolution after installation. It is only here to serve as a starting point to create _basic_config.php more »
  • $date_default_timezone - Forcing a timezone

    Your Php Ini? file should contain a setting for the time zone your server is in. If for some reason this is not set (poorly configured host) or if you want to force the default timezone used by PHP in b2evolution to a different value, you can set it in… more »
  • _basic_config.php

    /conf/_basic_config.php is b2evolution’s main config file. This file is created during the installation process, using the file /conf/_basic_config.template.php as a model. If you wish, you can also do this manually and enter correct settings b… more »
  • Unexpected SQL Error during upgrade

    This is a very annoying error kind of error! First let us be extremely clear about 2 things: 1) you should always backup your site, and especially your database before attempting an upgrade. 2) this kind of error does NOT happen randomly. It happens… more »
  • Quick Upgrade Procedure

    Note: This method has been deprecated in favor of the Auto-Upgrade Procedure. In some restricted cases detailed below, you may not need to go through the Standard Upgrade Procedure. However, you can always use the Standard Upgrade Procedure for any… more »
  • Regional Time tab

    This tab allows to set the timezone difference between your server and your local time. By setting a timezone offset, b2evolution can display times in your local timezone rather than in the server timezone. Timezone from php.ini: This is the timezone… more »
  • Installing on Linux

    If your computer is running Linux it may very well already include a local web server. If not, you may install XAMPP from this site: http://www.apachefriends.org/download.html Once you have a local webserver (Apache, PHP & MySQL) installed, you can… more »
  • Installing on Windows

    The following instructions provide an abbreviated description of installing XAMPP on Windows 7. XAMPP is an all-in-one web server solution that includes Apache, mySQL and PHP, all of which are needed to run a local test environment of b2evolution. more »
  • evoBar

    After logging in, you’ll notice a subtle change at the top of your browser as a new toolbar appears: the evoBar: [image:4178] Available features / menus The functions available through the evoBar depend on the permissions of the current user. Some… more »
  • Collection

    Collection is the generic term in b2evolution to define a collection of Posts/Items?/Articles?/Topics?//(ManualPages))/etc. that are bound together to form a Blog, Forum, Online Manual, etc. A Blog, Forum or Online Manual all use the same data structur… more »
  • After Installation / Upgrade

    Completing installation Once your installation is done and basically working, there are still a few tricky things you should definitely take care of: * When you edit any of the config files, be careful ‘'’not to add any extra blank lines&… more »
  • Media File & evocache Permission Errors

    If you are reading this, you probably encountered a file permission error within your /media directory. The /media directory is the directory on your server where b2evolution will store all the files/images you upload to your blog. Apparently, b2evolu… more »
  • Image Widget

    This widget is designed to display any image ( based on the filename you provide ), anywhere, with no specific role. If you are trying to display a logo instead of a collection title, we recommend you use the Logo Title Widget instead. more »
  • Terms Used in this Manual

    Collections vs Blogs, Items vs Posts, etc. more »
  • Upgrade to version 6

    In version 6.0.1+, many root files are no longer needed. Please go through the list below and decide whether or not you want to keep those files. It is recommended to delete all files you don’t need: a_noskin.php – if you needed this, you… more »
  • [inline:] Short Tag

    will insert the attached file as a very simple <img> tag. more »
  • Container

    A Container, in the context of b2evolution Skins, is a space in a skin where a Collection Admin can insert Widgets in any order he wants to. Adding and ordering widgets is done entirely though the Back Office and does not require editing code. Adding… more »
  • Widget Plugins

    Widget Plugins are just regular Plugins like all the others. When we call one a "Widget Plugin" though, it means that it provides an additional Widget for b2evolution to use in the Collection Widgets List?. A Plugin can provide Widget… more »
  • Widget List

    Widgets are basically anything that allows you to perform a specific function or access a specific service. Widgets can be an application, a web component, a little block of text or anything that can be displayed in certain areas (containers) in your… more »
  • Test Flush Tool

    This tools allows to test if flush(); correctly works on your site / server set up. It will output 30 lines of text and sleep for 1 second between each. So the 30 lines of text should appear progressively on your screen at the rate of one line per… more »
  • [image:] Short Tag

    will insert the attached file as a responsive image (typically using the full width of the text column) with optional caption. more »
  • Responsive Web Design (RWD)

    Responsive Web Design (RWD) is a set of techniques that make your web pages adapt to the screen size on which they are viewed. b2evolution v6+ uses the Bootstrap framework as the core layer for achieving RWD. b2evolution also takes care of resizing… more »
  • Skin and style

    This section lets you to control some code-level features such as adding custom CSS and/or custom JavaScript to your skins without needing to touch/modify any core b2evolution files. (Which will keep upgrades easy for you down the line). Allow… more »
  • How to add a Google Font (WebFont) ?

    Google offers many webfonts that your are free to use. You can pick and choose here: https://fonts.google.com Once you have selected the fonts you are interested in, here’s how you can quickly add them to b2evolution without editing any file. (If… more »