• How to edit your Personal Details

    Under the 'Identity' tab, you can edit your login and display name, as well as enter personal information like your location and age. more »
  • How to View & Edit your User Profile

    You can access your personal settings through two locations in the back office. more »
  • How to add Images, Videos and other attachments

    You can add an image by linking the picture file to your post. more »
  • How to add a new Post

    In order to add content to your site you first need to log in, then click the 'Write' option in the menu bar at the top of the page. more »
  • File types list

    Displays a list with the type of files managed in b2evolution and the way to interact with the upload of those files. more »
  • .htaccess Files

    In addition to the main .htaccess File, b2evolution comes with several sample.htaccess files which you can rename to .htaccess in their respective folders. Doing so will prevent direct execution of .php files, as an additional security precaution, in… more »
  • User Group

    Each User is part of a User Group. A default User Group is assigned to new users when they register. This can be configured in the RegistrationSettings?. Each User Group has specific permissions that may differ from other User Groups. When Advanced P… more »
  • Default User Permissions

    This is where you define if users can register an account for themselves, and if so, what their default permissions will be - in toher words: what User Group they will belong to. more »
  • Account Activation Settings

    This section controls the activation process. more »
  • Site Member or Authenticated User

    A SiteVisitor that has successfully registered on the b2evolution installation. more »
  • Loading additional resources into a skin

    As skin developers, sometimes we need to add our own resources, such as Javascript or CSS code, to our skins, either as complete filenames or just as code snippets. In order to do so, the b2evolution skin’s API provides several methods to manage… more »
  • Editing Widgets

    Widgets are small applications that can be inserted into your blog. You can edit widgets in the BackOffice using the Blogs > [Blog Name] > Widgets tab. The widgets tab lists containers that represent different areas of your blog, such as the head… more »
  • Additional Permissions

    Here you can choose whether a user has access to blog stats and messaging. You can also edit their ability to view, edit and upload files, as well as the maximum number of threads they can start. more »
  • Migrating from WordPress

    Migrating from WordPress is easy. First you need to export the contents from your WordPress blog. You will obtain an XML file. Then all you need to do is import the XML file into B2evolution using the XML Importer. more »
  • Unable to download automatic updates

    If your b2evolution installation cannot reach b2evolution.net to download updates, check any firewalls that may block the download. For example, on RedHat servers you may need to disable or change the configuration rules of SELinux. more »
  • _local.php

    The file /conf/_local.php is not included in the b2evolution distribution. However, if you create it, it will be loaded after all other configuration files. Use this file for local configurations that you do not want to overwrite in case of an automatic… more »
  • _maintenance.html

    In the /conf folder there is a file called _maintenance.html. If you rename this file to maintenance.html (no _ at the beginning), it will put your b2evolution website into maintenance mode, serving a 503 "Not Available" response to any user… more »
  • File properties

    Properties File name: Changing this value, the file will be renamed. Don't worry, this is a safe way to do it, so, in general, you will not break anything in your site. Type: This information is taken from the File types according the type that matches… more »
  • Poll Widget

    This widget can be placed virtually anywhere. Create a poll in the Site’s Polls Tab then enter the Poll’s ID in the widget settings: [image:6730] more »
  • Polls List

    This is where you create polls that you can later user in various places with widgets. Each poll is uniquely identified by its ID. Permissions to access and edit polls can be controlled in the Group Additional Permissions. more »
  • Directory and File Permissions

    What are file permissions? UNIX/Linux file permissions are a way to control who can read and/or write files on your hosting account. On a shared hosting server, this will (on [http://b2evolution.net/web-hosting/ serious web hosting providers]) prevent… more »
  • Typical Web Hosting Installation with Automated Installer

    Here’s the typical procedure you will follow: Chose a web hosting company and go to their site. Select a hosting plan. The entry level hosting plan is typically enough. Just make sure it includes at least one MySQL Database (sometimes just… more »
  • Styling widgets

    b2evolution has a method to automagically apply styles to each widget you might select for any given container. Your skin needs to use a special class caller in order to get the automagic classes to happen. After that, your style sheet needs to say what… more »
  • Widget

    A Widget is a display element the administrator can place into a Container in order to display something specific at this place. There are many different widgets available and each can be configured in a variety of ways. Skin designers only add widget… more »
  • _overrides_TEST.php

    The file /conf/_overrides_TEST.php is not included in the b2evolution distribution. However, if you create it, it will be loaded after all other configuration files. Use this file for local configurations that you do not want to overwrite in case of an… more »
  • Ping

    In blog sites context, this mechanism consists in send an specific message to other site every time a new post has been published. There are plenty of reasons to use this and they lay over your needs and the service provided by the remote host. For… more »
  • Comment moderation

    In this section, you can configure the status and moderation of comments, starting with choosing a value for the New feedback status option. This parameter let you to stablish the default value for comments made by non moderators, which means moderators… more »
  • Cities import

    Note: The fields separator is semicolon. more »
  • How to add custom CSS

    With CSS code, you can easily change the colors, sizes, margin, fonts and other presentation attributes of your web pages. Each b2evolution Skin comes with a CSS file that defines the presentation styles of that skin. Most b2evolution skins also offer… more »
  • Caching and Cache Levels

    Overview b2evolution is developed in a central CVS? repository at [http://sf.net SourceForge.Net]. This allows users to grab any version of b2evolution they want, including the latest development version. The normal way of obtaining b2evolution is thr… more »