• Migrating from LiveJournal

    personman modified the built-in importer to work with LiveJournal blogs. Get all that you need from his site? more »
  • Easy monetizing of your blog with AdSense

    Why should I monetize my website? The more success you have with your blog / website, the more time and money you’re going to invest to update it and host it properly. At some point you may think: wouldn’t it just be nice to have my site pay… more »
  • Plugins Repository

    We have a repository at http://plugins.b2evolution.net/, where you can browse plugins by category and version. For plugin developers, we have a central source code repository (Subversion) hosted at SourceForge. The project page is http://sourceforge.n… more »
  • Software credits

    Decide how many credits links are you willing to show at the footer of your website. Usually, include our credits in your website is the only contribution that we hope to receive for providing you with a powerfull tool as b2evolution for free. You are… more »
  • Creating an Antispam Plugin

    An ‘'’Antispam Plugin”’ is a plugin that implements methods to prevent/fight back at spam. Creating an ‘'’Antispam Plugin”’ is the same as [[CreatingPlugin|creating a "normal" plugin]]. This pag… more »
  • Installing on Mac OS X

    If you have a Mac, the easiest way to turn it into a local webserver is to install MAMP. Head over to http://www.mamp.info/ and download MAMP. (You don’t need the Pro version.) Follow the installation instructions for MAMP and then go back to… more »
  • Show images in my RSS when option "Post excerpts" is selected

    By default, when you set the RSS mode of your blog as Post excerpts RSS/Atom feeds, and due the post excerpts are composed exclusively with text, your images will not be linked in the final XML file. In order to include your images set as teaser, you… more »
  • Illegal mix of collations

    This is for all errors that look something like "Illegal mix of collations xxx and yyy for operation ‘=’(Errno=1267)" This is an error generated by MySQL when several fields in the database don’t match each other. This can… more »
  • Blog Meta Data

    ‘’b2evolution 2.4.1′’ This fieldset is part of the Blog Properties? Short Description This is is used in meta tag description and RSS feeds. NO HTML! Keywords This is is used in meta tag keywords. NO HTML! Blog footer… more »
  • Duplicates

    Everytime you upload a file to b2evolution, it calculates and saves an unique code based in the content of that file. By storing those codes in the database, is possible to compare them and detect which files are identical copies in between all the… more »
  • Suspicious

    With this tool you could detect those files that have been voted by your visitors as Inappropriate or Spam. Any file that has received at least one vote in those categories will be listed here and you could check details about them. more »
  • How to - Use "honeypots" in your forms

    This manual is made only for version 5.0.6 Contact form File: /blogs/inc/_core/_param.funcs.php… more »
  • Send reminders about comments awaiting moderation

    This tasks will send reminder emails to moderators when some comments have been left unmoderated for too long (more than 24 hours). more »
  • Recognizing a crawler attack

    When you look at your b2evolution's Analytics Tab, you may see a huge increase of traffic like this: more »
  • Roadmap & Unified Process

    People often ask about a roadmap for b2evolution. How odd! Not only don’t we have a roadmap, but we certainly don’t plan having one. Sounds amateurish to you? Read on! b2evolution development embraces the Unified Process approach to softw… more »
  • New Relic

    NewRelic.com is an online Application Performance Monitoring APM solution. b2evolution is instrumented to send custom metrics to New Relic when New Relic is installed. Installation Refer to the NewRelic.com signup procedure to learn how to install… more »
  • Process the return path inbox

    When emails sent by b2evolution cannot reach their destination (wrong address, mailbox full, rejected as spam) they will be returned to the Return-Path address you specified. This task will connect to that mailbox through IMAP and extract useful inform… more »
  • Image Options

    Resize large images after upload It is recommended to enable this feature in order to save images in smaller size. The following PHP ini settings may cause issues when large file uploads are enabled: upload_max_filesize: The maximum size of a fil… more »
  • CamelCase

    CamelCase? defines a way of writing text in which several words are concatenated into one, with each first letter being capitalized. For example, the string "the quick brown fox" would become "TheQuickBrownFox" in CamelCase?. more »
  • Podcasting

    Since 2.4.0-rc2, b2evolution has support for podcast. Just upload the mp3 file to your server, enter the URL of an mp3 file into ‘Link to url:’ and select ‘Type: Podcast’. It will use a flash player on the page, and will add <… more »
  • Use RSS

    b2evolution has built-in support for RSS 0.92, RSS 1.0, RSS 2.0, and Atom feeds for both posts and comments. Anyone reading your site will automatically be able to discover your RSS feeds and subscribe to your site. Separate feeds exist for each individ… more »
  • How to use UTF-8

    In order to use UTF-8 (UTF8) for your blog, basically, all that you have to do is go to [[Blogs_tab|Blog Settings]] > General and select the appropriate locale for your blog. The selected locale will set the languagen charset, country, flag and time… more »
  • Localization FAQ

    THIS PAGE IS DEPRECATED. In a newer release, my language file contains translations that do not make sense... Yes, this is normal. These translations are automatic guesses for new strings you haven't translated yet. They marked as fuzzy and they ar… more »
  • Blogger API

    The Blogger API is one of the APIs supported by b2evolution. Supported methods as of b2evolution version 2.4: * blogger.newPost * blogger.editPost * blogger.deletePost * blogger.getUsersBlogs * blogger.getUserInfo * blogger.getPost * blogger.ge… more »
  • Desktop Blogging Tools

    An ‘'’Antispam Plugin”’ is a plugin that implements methods to prevent/fight back at spam. Creating an ‘'’Antispam Plugin”’ is the same as [[CreatingPlugin|creating a "normal" plugin]]. This pag… more »
  • How to control referrer spam hits from search engines

    This refers to b2evolution versions 0.9.0.* Are you getting traffic from search engines for something that a referer spammer faked into your stats page? Would you like to keep your referer data and stats page visible to visitors but stop the undesira… more »
  • Where is the Templates Tab?

    The Templates tab is provided as a way to edit your ‘'’Custom skin”’ (as opposed to ‘’any other skin'’). This is ‘'’not the prefered way to edit”’, but it is provided as an option for peo… more »
  • Recent Comments In The Sidebar

    Recent comments plugin The easiest way to accomplish this is to use the [http://plugins.b2evolution.net/index.php/2006/01/12/sidebar_comments Sidebar comments plugin]. For version 1.8.1 Make a new file in ‘your skin’ directory and call it… more »
  • Popup Comments

    <small>This page refers to 0.9.x</small> *Open up your [[Evoskins|skin]]’s _main.php file. *In the <code><head></code> section of the file, add this bit of code: <code><?php comments_popup_script() // Inclu… more »
  • Include Item Feedback

    You can customize the default item feedback by copying the generic /skins/_item_feedback.inc.php file into the current skin folder. Example <source lang="php"> skin_include( ‘_item_feedback.inc.php’, array( ‘be… more »