• Auto Upgrade

    This is an experimental feature allowing b2evolution to automatically upgrade itself. There are still quite a few cases in which this feature can fail (like insufficient memory on the server). Therefore we do not recommend you use it at this time, unle… more »
  • Step 4 : File options panel

    If you are running on a CPanel webhost, the recommended File Permissions are: New folders: 755 New files: 644 If you are running on a self-managed Debian server for example, you may need to extend the permissions during upgrade, in order for… more »
  • Already Downloaded Panel

    This panel displays a list of already downloaded ZIP archives/folders that may be used to upgrade your application. These files are located under the _upgrade/ folder by default. By clicking "Use this…" you can use an already downloaded… more »
  • Advanced Backup Options Panel

    This panel allows you to specify the files and folders to include in the backup process. You can also opt to backup content and/or log & stats DB tables. more »