• Search (REST)

    GET /api/v1/collections//search/ This is the API equivalent of disp = search. Possible request params Name Type Description Default page integer Page number 1 per_page integer Count pages per page 10 kind string… more »
  • Automation Queued Users

    This screen shows all users that are part of the automation. more »
  • Execute automations

    This task will execute all active Automations. Automations will not work if this task is not scheduled to run pretty frequently (e-g every 5 to 10 minutes). more »
  • Subscribing to new blogs

    If you want to get more followers on your blogs, you may want your readers to subscribe to new blogs once created. You have three options for this section: [image:619:] From blog page only allows your readers to subscribe to the new blog only on one… more »
  • Create posts by email

    WARNING: This feature is deprecated and no longer actively supported. This task will connect to a mailbox by IMAP in order to let you post by email. Connection settings used by this task can be configured here: Post by email. The following options can… more »
  • Media directory location

    This section is meant to let the administrators to decide where to place the media directory of each collection. By default, the media folder is created in an special directory inside the b2evolution’s files structure. This special directory is… more »
  • Other pages

    The following parameters could be set for the other pages of your site: Comment popup: Adds a <meta name="robots" content="NOINDEX, FOLLOW"> tag to the headline of the comment popups for skins that have those. The NOINDEX… more »
  • Download Pages Panel

    This panel lets you define how much time delay is provided before a download begins. more »
  • List of Collections

    This panel allows you to select when you want the current collection to appear and also set the order it will appear in the list of collections. more »
  • List Users (REST)

    GET /api/v1/users This lists the users as API equivalent of disp = users. Response is an array of the following properties: Name Type Description found integer Number of found users page integer Current page page_size integer Number users per… more »
  • Default Skins for New Collections

    This panel allows you to change your default skin for standard, mobile phone, and tablet viewing (yes, they can be different skins). This is used when a collection is automatically created for a new user. more »
  • Collection Description

    This panel allows you to set descriptive text about the current collection that can be displayed in various parts of the site. more »
  • Send notifications about new comment on «item title»

    This will send email notifications after a new comment is posted on an item. more »
  • Download pages

    The following parameters could be set for the download pages of your site: . Indexing: lets you decide if you want to keep robots away of the download pages. . No Follow TO: lets you decide if you like robots to follow links in the download pages. more »
  • Retrieve a User (REST)

    GET /api/v1/users/ This is the API equivalent of disp = user. more »
  • Send notifications for «item title»

    This will send pings and email notifications after a new item is posted. more »
  • Software credits

    You can specify how many credits links you are willing to show at the footer of your website. Including our credits in your website is one way of showing us your support for providing you with a free and powerful tool as b2evolution. You are free to… more »
  • Messaging Pages Panel

    This panel allows you to configure how profile pictures are displayed in the Conversations List. more »
  • Create a User (REST)

    POST /api/v1/users This is API end-point to create a user like admins/moderators can do this from back-office Creating a New User more »
  • Template functions

    This man page refers to b2evo version This is a list of functions you can use in templates. They are sorted by purpose. Note: There is also an obsolete manual page that may still have some interesting info. For more information about how to… more »
  • evoBar

    After logging in, you’ll notice a subtle change at the top of your browser as a new toolbar appears: the evoBar: [image:4178] In version 6.10.5 ++ the Toolbar options are Site | Collection | Page | + Post | Widgets | Skin | Features In version 7.*… more »
  • Blog Anatomy

    A content management system (CMS), like b2evolution, helps you manage your blog by encapsulating different elements in easy to edit blocks. This makes it possible to change parts of your blog without messing up other parts. To better understand how this… more »
  • How to add a new Post

    In order to add content to your site you first need to log in, then click the 'Write' option in the menu bar at the top of the page. more »
  • All content view

    Previously, this was called the Browse tab; version 5.0.0 calls it the Contents tab. The purpose of this tab is to find, delete and select posts to be edited. more »
  • General Settings Panel

    This panel allows you to set general settings for the User Group. more »
  • Hit & Session Logging Panel

    Auto pruning "With a scheduled job" is the best setting but you need to properly set up the Scheduler? for this to work. more »
  • Adding Videos

    Because of the size of video files, best practices recommend you actually upload them to specialized video publishing/sharing services such as YouTube or others. more »
  • Introduction to Plugins

    Plugins allow you to extend b2evolution with features that are not included in the the core. Plugins provide additional functionality by taping into hooks that are provided by the b2evolution core. more »
  • Item Contents Panel

    There are seven core post types. more »
  • Template Tags

    This page describes the functions used within a [[Skins_2.0|skin template (v 2.x)]] in order to inject the dynamic data into your blog design. (For versions 1.x, please see [[Main.php_functions]]) Below is a listing of available template tags linking t… more »