• Referring Domains Tab

    A referring domain can be something like "bing.com" which would be a search engine referrer or also "someshadysite.biz" which would be a spammer site. The Type of each can be used to specify which type of site it is, in order to bet… more »
  • _formatting.php

    /conf/_formatting.php sets how b2evolution will parse and format texts (posts, comments, etc.) You typically won’t need to edit this file and you should replace it with each upgrade. more »
  • After Installation / Upgrade

    Completing installation Once your installation is done and basically working, there are still a few tricky things you should definitely take care of: * When you edit any of the config files, be careful ‘'’not to add any extra blank lines&… more »
  • _icons.php

    This file defines the generic icons that are made available to the whole application (including all skins and plugins). By default icons appear on a sprite image. So each icon is defined by it’s xycoordinates on the sprite and its size in pixels.… more »
  • Simple Related Posts List Widget

    Simplified Item list for listing posts related to the Main list. It will follow the main list by matching tags. Settings [image:8842] Block title: specify the title that you want this widget to display in your collection (default entry: Related Posts)… more »
  • Top Referring Domains

    This shows a list of domains that are sending you the most traffic, along with the type of the site, the status (whether we trust the domain or not) and the number of hits made. more »
  • Simple Linkblog Links List Widget

    Simplified Item list for listing links from another blog. Note: this widget is removed in version 6.7.1+ because we don’t have a unique type for "Sidebar Links" any more. However you can still achieve the exact same behavior with the… more »
  • Other uses of collections

    This man page refers to b2evolution version: b2evolution supports multiple blogs. The idea is that you will be blogging about a variety of different subjects that will not be of interest to the same groups of readers. Multiple blogs allow you… more »
  • Post Views Counting

    Here is how b2evolution counts views on posts when "smart view counting" is turned on: 1) If the user is anonymous, multiple reloads of a single page (URL) from a given IP will only be counted once every x seconds, depending on the "Relo… more »
  • User Tools widget

    This widget displays links to several user tools. more »
  • Universal Item List Widget

    This widget allows you to list virtually anything anywhere and in any form. It allows you to filter out items from any blog and configure how to display them. This widget is actually the parent widget of many more specific widgets. Example: get ad… more »
  • _locales.php

    /conf/_locales.php sets the default configuration for locales. more »
  • Uploading and Posting Files/Images

    How to attach and insert an image to a post. more »
  • Referer Types

    This page explains the meaning of the Referer Type column in b2evolution hit logs. more »
  • Facebook Widget

    This widget displays links to like and share the current page (URL) on Facebook, using the standard Facebook Javascript widget. Settings [image:8906] Buttons to show: select if you would like to display "Like", "Share" or both… more »
  • mod_security

    mod_security (http://www.modsecurity.org/) is a PITA. We do not recommend its use. However, you may have this module forced on your by your webhost. Please tell us who your webhost is so we can make a list. mod_security will scan requests in the most… more »
  • Featured/Intro Post Widget

    This widget will display the intro post or a featured post if one is available for the current collection. At this time this post only creates a "list of one item". It will call a customizable template to display the contents. Settings… more »
  • _maintenance.html

    In the /conf folder there is a file called _maintenance.html. If you rename this file to maintenance.html (no _ at the beginning), it will put your b2evolution website into maintenance mode, serving a 503 "Not Available" response to any user… more »
  • Creating Posts From Files

    In the file manager you can select multiple files and then select "Make multiple posts (1 per image)" and click "Go!". more »
  • Managing Item Slugs

    If you want to edit the slugs associated to any item directly on its edition form, please do the following: Open the Expert Edit Screen for the item. Go to section advanced properties. Locate the field URL title "slug". On this fi… more »
  • Photo Index Widget

    This widget let you to show pictures attached to the items of your blogs / collections in a wide range of ways. All you need to do is set the parameters below to make it behave as you need to. Block title: Title to display in your skin. Item type: What… more »
  • Html Validator

    In the /blogs folder there should be a file called .htaccess. This file optimizes the way the Apache web server works with b2evolution. more »
  • _stats.php

    /conf/_stats.php sets how b2evolution will log hits and stats. more »
  • Multiple instances

    b2evolution can handle multiple blogs, multiple site sections, multiple domains and multiple sites by default on a single installation. Thus it is generally unnecessary to install it multiple times on a single site/web hosting account or even a single… more »
  • _local.php

    The file /conf/_local.php is not included in the b2evolution distribution. However, if you create it, it will be loaded after all other configuration files. Use this file for local configurations that you do not want to overwrite in case of an automatic… more »
  • Comment List Widget

    This widget will display a list of comments; click goes to comment. Settings [image:8855] Block title: specify the title that you want this widget to display in your collection (default entry: Recent Comments) Order: select how to sort the list of… more »
  • Automated Install / Upgrade

    This page is intended for integrators / developers, not for regular users. b2evolution supports fully automated installation and fully automated upgrade by calling the regular /install/index.php script with special parameters, either via CURL or via PHP… more »
  • upgrade_policy.conf

    This will allow b2evolution to perform an auto-upgrade without leaving unwanted files on your server and without overwriting file you don't want to overwrite (e-g: favicon.ico). In this file you can give all kinds of instructions to b2evolution as to how to handle files during upgrade. Look at the comments in the file for more information. more »
  • UNIX Directory and File Permissions

    What are file permissions? UNIX/Linux file permissions are a way to control who can read and/or write files on your hosting account. On a shared hosting server, this will (on [http://b2evolution.net/web-hosting/ serious web hosting providers]) prevent… more »
  • My users do not have access to the files section / upload

    There are several permissions involved: The user needs to be in a User Group that has at least View permissions for "Files" (to browse files) or Add/Upload permissions for uploading (see the User Groups: File Permissions) The user needs to… more »