• File Settings

    The default settings may work fine for you, but if you want more control or if you have any problems, you can configure it through the Settings tab. [image:1563:] On the Settings tab there are four sections: Accessible file roots - this section is wh… more »
  • The File Manager

    The file manager provides a way to upload files and keep them organized. How to access the File Manager There are two ways to access the file manager. * Click on the Files tab, or * In the Write tab, click the Files button to the left of the Sa… more »
  • Backup tab

  • GeoIP plugin - Find Registration Country for all Users

    The GeoIP Plugin let automatically find out all the users without registration country and compare the IP address from they created their account or connected to the site from the first time, compare it against the database and try to match it… more »
  • Remote Publishing XML-RPC

  • HTML messages

    Your email inbox could support both HTML or plain text emails. In this section you are able to add some restrictions to HTML emails. Enable HTML messages: if this field is checked, then your b2evolution site will accept HTML formatted emails to be… more »
  • Posting settings

    With these parameters you are able to control the b2evolution’s behaviour after connecting to your email account and seek your inbox. In plain words, how to find the emails to be posted and how to post them. Default category: the ID of the… more »
  • General settings

    The parameters below will let your b2evolution site to connect with your email account in order to look for potential emails to be published. Enable Post by email: make this feature available. No matter if the Create posts by email scheduled job is… more »
  • Plugins Available For Installation

    1 The name of the plugin. If you click on any of them, it will redirect you to the information view of about the plugin. A short description about the plugin. The version of the plugin. Help icons. The info icon will shows you basic informatio… more »
  • Regional Currencies list

  • Countries tab

    In this list you can: Enable / Disable countries you want to appear in select lists Determine Preferred countries that will always appear at top of lists Set a trust status for each country: Unknown, Trusted, Suspect, Blocked Blocked Count… more »
  • Regional Regions list

  • Regional Sub-regions list

  • Regional Countries tab

  • Locale Form

    You can create your own locales for your blog. Here’s how to proceed. As admin, go to ‘System’ then click on the ‘Regional’ tab. At the bottom of the page, you will see a ‘Create new locale’ button. Clicking th… more »
  • Email Service Settings

    This section is only available after enabling the SMTP Gateway feature. Decide which email service would you like to use as default. The available options are: Regular PHP "mail" function and SMTP gateway. There is also a parameter to force a… more »
  • Return-Path Configuration

    Settings to decode the returned emails Enabled: Note: This feature needs the php_imap extension (currently loaded). Retrieval method: Choose a method to retrieve the emails. Mail Server: Hostname or IP address of your incoming mail server. P… more »
  • Returned emails

  • Email Addresses

  • General Settings

  • Info message to reporters after account deletion

  • Welcome message after account activation

  • Username display options

    You can select to display usernames with different colors based on gender of the users. more »
  • Username Display Settings

    Bubble tips are help bubble that display when you hover over a username. They show the profile picture and a few details about the user. In the backoffice you can turn bubble tips on or off on this screen. In the front office, you can do this on every… more »
  • Other Permissions for Anonymous Users

    Allow to see user list Should anonymous users be allowed to access the user directory? Allow to see user profiles Should anonymous users be allowed to see detailed user profiles? Show only User Groups Levels Here you can restrict the users tha… more »
  • Profile Picture Settings

    This is where you define whether or nor to user Gravatars throughout b2evolution. If you enable Gravatar: anonymous users can automatically get a profile picture from their Gravatar account. In addition, registered users who have not set a profi… more »
  • Other Registration options

    The section allows you to choose whether or not new users are required to provide their country, first name, language, and gender when they register. [image:1300:] After a new user registers, you can choose to send them back to the page they were ori… more »
  • Default User Settings

    When a new user account is created, it will be preconfigured with these settings. These are just defaults to create the account. The user can later change these settings in their User Preferences screen. more »
  • Users Stats

  • Default User Group Settings

    The default permissions for each group can be modified on the User Groups Tab by clicking on the group name. New groups can also be created by clicking on the "Add group" link. more »