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$ 1.00/mo

Domain specialist


Cheap promo price
Big price increase at the end of the first year
This company is better for registering domains than for web hosting.

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Selected hosting package: Economy
Payment planMonthlyTotal price
12 Month Contract$ 2.49 /mo$ 29.88
24 Month Contract$ 3.49 /mo$ 83.88
36 Month Contract$ 4.33 /mo$ 155.76

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GoDaddy details & alternatives

Hosting Company
Package NameEconomyHatchling
Positives Cheap promo price Weekly off-site backups included
Interesting renewal prices
Negatives Big price increase at the end of the first year No SSD disk
Extra cost for daily backups
No alias domains for your site
SummaryThis company is better for registering domains than for web hosting.This plan will suit you if you want to host a single domain website and you don't need privacy on your domain name.
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Pricing breakdown
Pricing breakdown
Hosting Company
Best price for you $ 1.00$ 2.78
1 Month (Trial) $ 7.99$ 7.66
Monthly for 12 mo $ 2.49$ 5.37
Monthly for 24 mo $ 3.50$ 3.98
Monthly for 36 mo $ 4.33$ 2.80
Renewal Price (1 mo) N/A$ 10.95
Renewal Price (12 mo) N/A$ 8.95
Renewal Price (24 mo) N/A$ 7.95
Renewal Price (36 mo) N/A$ 6.95
Renewal Price Max N/A$ 10.95
Best price HOWTO Use code
Money Back
N/A45 days
Domain Pricing
Hosting Company
Use existing domain
Register new .com N/A$ 12.95 /yr
.com Renewal N/A$ 12.95 /yr
.com Privacy N/A$ 14.95 /yr
Hosting Features
Hosting Company
Disk space 100 GBUnlimited
SSD Disk ?
Sites per Account N/A1
Alias/Parked Domains N/A0
Subdomains N/AUnlimited
Max DBs N/AUnlimited
Free SSL
Let's Encrypt
Auto renew
SSH Access?
Cron Jobs?
Included backups Weekly
Off-Site Data Backups
Backup Upgrade$2/mo for daily backups
Email features
Hosting Company
Email accountsN/AUnlimited
Email aliases?Unlimited
Email StorageN/AUnlimited
Network Features
Dedicated IPN/A
Datacenters in USA?2
Datacenters in Europe?none
Datacenters in Asia?none
Green energy
Green Rating
Transfer/Migration service
1 full site
or 1 full cPanel
Hosting Company
Control PanelcPanel
Advanced b2evo supportN/AN/A
Shared OSLinux
PHP 5 & 7


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38 ratings
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Comment from: Daniel G Visitor

Daniel G

GoDaddy is great…at “Bait and Switch” e.g. their $1/mo hosting jacks up to $10/mo in subsequent years. Lowest you can get it is $6.50/mo with a 3 year contract, but still no IMAP email now Website Builder tools. The “lowball” strategy must be working for them, because they’ve been doing it for several years. Buyers beware!

2016-06-30 @ 22:44

Comment from: Robert Visitor


Customer service sucks. they are a rip off. they tell you they charge a small amount and at the end you end up in the hundreds.
Also if you try to apply coupon they usually show as expired.
I wouldnt use them again.

2015-03-05 @ 06:44

Comment from: Robert Visitor


GODADDY is a rip off. they tell you the rates are low and at the end of the day they are charging you in the hundreds.
I wouldnt use them again.

2015-03-05 @ 06:42

Comment from: Ray Boles Visitor

Ray Boles is my website and has been for several years.With the price increases every year I am going somewhere place else.New customers don’t let them suck you in unless only one year is all you need a site for.They offer discounts for new purchases but nothing for their loyal customers.I still have 5 domains after I let the others expire. Looking for a new home.

2015-01-23 @ 02:11

Comment from: Angela Visitor


The price they quote is for the first year on;y then it doubles and they charge extra for some services. The website has always been very slow to load which i think is off putting to visitors. The dashboard is even slower on wordpress. My contract expires in 4 weeks and I’m moving elsewhere. I’m not prepared to pay that money for a site that doesn’t work properly.

2014-10-03 @ 01:15

Comment from: Vince Visitor


For what it’s worth….

I have been with GoDaddy for close to 10 years. In the beginning they were pretty awesome. The tech support, product offerings, and pricing were all excellent. In recent years the tech support has become a disgrace. Like so many of these dumb asses, I have to tell them how to do their job and school them on the basics because they don’t understand the issue most of the time. The hit and miss nature of the level of support is terrible. I have to spend way too much time on the merry go round of tech support to just get a competent support person. Furthermore, being pressured to buy other products at the end of our “support session:"is beyond ad nauseam. Within the last year, they have become more aggressive by contacting me by phone during prime business hours to discuss options offered with their services….What? or rather WTF?

A few years ago I was orphaned by GoDaddy when they decided to dump “Easy Database". Since then, the company they recommended (Zoho) we contact to resume the service has been nothing short of a train wreak. The hand off for this was sold as a seamless and quick migration. Ya, you guessed it, another nightmare! Between the minimal person to person contact and, of course language barrier issues, the pain on this was so intense that after three weeks of trying to get this done, we abandoned the Zoho intiative in favor of a complete restructuring using Word Press. I just don’t get how these companies expect to be meaningful when they pull crap like this. BTW, to add injury to insult the Zoho offering was about three times the cost of the old Easy Database offering. It used to be that GoDaddy was tech savvy and very reasonable in cost, but no more.

Now, they have become the gouge king. So sad! Their marketing program has suspended all discounts for renewals which made them attractive. Perhaps they had to do this to pay for all the wreaked cars Danika was leaving in her wake…..

2014-09-10 @ 19:46

Comment from: vikas from india Visitor

vikas from india

Godaddy is very tricky they offer low prices in starting but they increase the prices at the time of renewal it is very bad they should offer regular prices.

2014-08-23 @ 06:32

Comment from: Mike Webmaster Visitor

Mike Webmaster

support is very bad.. just before christmas 20 website’s went down and it took support 7 day’s to get back to me… i lost thousand’s of dollar’s.. dumped them and went to a good hosting company…

2014-03-11 @ 13:55

Comment from: Ingrid Visitor


If there were a MINUS rating, I would give it. AWFUL. Do not deal with them at all. I have dealt with hosting companies for over 10 years, and these are the worst! So bad in fact, I have cancelled the account I paid for yesterday and will go elsewhere. Just awful.
So-called “customer support” is a joke. Blue Host is 1,000 better!!
My domain is which I will host elsewhere.

2013-10-28 @ 18:23

Comment from: Debra Visitor


The initial signup price was great but I just got my 5 year renewal notice and it is SIGNIFICANTLY higher than what is advertised on this site–$5.99 per month for 5 years and I have a pretty small, simple website so don’t believe the hype here about GoDaddy. I’m currently in the process of searching for a more affordable option.

2013-10-23 @ 22:20

Comment from: razorchris Visitor



Nice web hosting. Very supportive tech department. Fast access. One thing I dont like much is there is no cpanel. But still it can be access in ftp. Nice, because it can accomodate 300-500 OL on your site without a down server.

2009-11-20 @ 15:09

Comment from: David Visitor


Why pay more while you can get a package of domain name, hosting, 10 emails, Unlimited space for only. $10. This is the cheapest

2009-05-17 @ 07:52

Comment from: affordable web hosting Visitor

affordable web hosting

Go daddy has alot of great features. I found that it is a good web hosting provider for begginers. With there website tonight site building software. anyone can build a site.

2009-05-11 @ 04:06

Comment from: Gabriel Ladouceur Visitor

Gabriel Ladouceur

Godaddy doesn’t have that a good customers service as they say… I bought a lot of domains with Godaddy and everything went good until a few months ago. For some reason, all my websites went offline in my area (I presently live in Vietnam) but were ok all around the world. I found out it was because of the Chinese Great Firewall, but then Godaddy said they couldn’t do anything with that. I don’t know much, but I learnt a lot trying to solve this problem by myself, since the customers service kept saying the same stuff, which was not helping a lot. Well, I can understand they don’t feel like giving me some help, since the only real solution was to move all my websites (which I will do really soon) out of Godaddy. The company had a lot of customer who were banned (some were justified but a lot weren’t) from the Chinese Government, after some of them bought the Chinese athletes names .com and try to sell them back high price. So I know the origin of the problem is China! But Godaddy hasn’t been helping me at all. And all those websites I built for people and businesses here in Vietnam are down since then… My final word: the website is pretty complicated adn heavy, and some billing or buying processes takes forever because you have to refuse every single extra-deal-super-offers they are throwing at you…. not recommended

2009-05-09 @ 09:55

Comment from: Karen Farrell Visitor

Karen Farrell

I currently have 46 domains with GoDaddy, about 15 of which are hosted with them, some for years. (I am a web developer.) I have been thinking about switching hosting companies for a while now, but after my last “support” call with them, they are definitely losing my business.

Long story short: I set up some subdomains, and their setup tool did not set them up correctly. I tried email support because I didn’t want to call (they don’t have chat), and after three days of them telling me that the error was my fault and/or a “third-party, unsupported” problem, I finally gave up and called. After 25 minutes on the phone, the “tech” still couldn’t understand that and should point to the same location and have the same behavior. I finally told him that it was too difficult to try to explain and that I was just going to delete the subdomains. His answer (and I quote): “Is there anything else I can not help you with today?”

Combine this fu attitute with the fact that they never update their servers or databases, and you have me looking for another home for my 46 domains. Bye GoCrappy!

* How easy was it to sign up?
That’s the easy part. They have that process down.

* How easy was it to install your software / content?
Simple stuff is fine. Anything requiring up-to-date server software cannot be installed. For example, I purchased a tracking server for email marketing, it won’t install on their outdated servers. Their copy of Zend Optimizer is years old. PHP is out of date, etc, etc.

* How fast/responsive is the website compared to your expectations?
My forums lose their connection to the database all the time. Connecting to the server via FTP is very slow and unresponsive. Contacting support about it is a waste of time.

* Did you experience some downtime?
The sites themselves rarely go completely down.

* How was your experience with tech/customer support?
THEY ARE TERRIBLE! They will do anything to avoid working on your problem.

* Other remarks?
Do not use GoDaddy for hosting (domain registration is fine). Any other provider has got to be better!

2009-04-18 @ 08:17

Comment from: Sajjad Ahmad Visitor

Sajjad Ahmad


godaddy is very tricky. They give unlimited mysql with free hosting package. While storage is limited in purchased hosting packages. + they also put restrictions on free programs which they said are free. Such as, I can’t integrate mybb in my free site. they say no support. While forum do support. Looked at their packages. bunch of useless items. Important things, such as mysql are limited. so we pay them more once we host the site. I came to godaddy with confidence that I found a good company. but now wlling to move somewhere else before I setup my site.


2009-01-12 @ 23:29
Ethanol Mandate is a Scam


I am happy with it so far.

It takes a little long to get a hold of tech support on the weekends.

2009-01-10 @ 22:33

Comment from: JayKay Visitor


I have had them for six months and the hosting seems to be o.k. I have never seen downtime, but I am not using the host for much more that a test bed for my IT degree program.

I do host more than one site on the single hosting package. Not sure what others are saying about not being able to point to a different location for each site. It is possible to have each site point to a different directory on your main hosting site.

I don’t like the inability to access MySQL directly. This is a pain as you have to use their interface to make additions/modifications to your databases.

I have not used their tech support as I have found that most tech support is lacking, no matter who you are dealing with.

2009-01-09 @ 01:24

Comment from: Jesse Visitor


I’m currently looking for another hosting company. GoDaddy has the most complicated website I have ever seen. You need a degree in “whatthef>:XXckisthis” just to log in because you dont log in once- noooo- you log in like twenty times. Each and every little stupid feature has an independent user name and password and after half an hour of logging in you’ll have so many tabs open your computer just might die. Furthermore the tech support is rather… unfriendly.. but then they were dealing with me.

2008-11-24 @ 07:40
Kimberly Alderman

I have never had any problems with godaddy and I have used them for years. I do not do very technical things, just have websites for my businesses or once an ebook, etc., and its always been fine. On the rare occasion I have a question it has never been a problem.

2008-11-22 @ 07:42

Comment from: zebra Mike Visitor

zebra Mike

:>>Been very happy with them.

Easy setup, able to get to a Tech Support person within minutes and easy to understand, not in India.

Would definitely use them for nearly all my hosting and domain registration chores.:yes:

2008-11-01 @ 03:42

Comment from: ao Visitor


Never had a problem with these guys, it’s very easy to use and support is friendly - I repeat - never had an issue with these guys. I recommend:>>

2008-10-21 @ 01:46

Comment from: Andrea Visitor


* How easy was it to sign up?
very easy
* How easy was it to install your software / content?
installing it is very easy, USING it is quite another.
* How fast/responsive is the website compared to your expectations?
Didn’t get there because their design interface was crap.
* Did you experience some downtime?
* How was your experience with tech/customer support?
horrible, horrible, horrible. Need I say more?
I no longer host with them and took down my site. I do register my domains w/ them, but would NEVER recommend them for hosting.

2008-09-11 @ 23:48

Comment from: abhas Visitor


i have been godaddy for about two years now. i host a
small website with not much bandwidth consumption and
so far i am getting the good result.. i recmmend godaddy
for those who want to host personal or some small scale
website.. i dont know about the massive scale website though. :D

2008-08-26 @ 07:27

Comment from: clifford Visitor


I have tried different web hosting but this rank as the most confusing , can’t seem to access my ftp using a regular folder procedure ,too much Ads around is site , very clutter interfaces makes you trow up!they maybe cheap but its not worth it in the long run.:-/ they have to change their plans too if they want to continue business. other wise use it as a bunny domain name holding site then get a free hosting to link up to it as a temporary solution.

2008-08-21 @ 09:20

Comment from: Ruth Visitor


* How easy was it to sign up?
A breeze.

* How easy was it to install your software / content?
No problems.

* How fast/responsive is the website compared to your expectations?
Better than the other companies I used.

* Did you experience some downtime?
I had different providers so if one was down, the other would work. I ended up switching all of my business to GoDaddy and NEVER have two of my dozen or more websites down at the same time and never for more than briefly every couple of months tops. My previous providers were down all the time. My electric goes down more than GoDaddy.

* How was your experience with tech/customer support?
They are AWESOME!!! REAL HUMANS!!! They are very friendly and helpful. I use them all the time and NEVER have had any trouble. I haven’t used them in the past 6 months but I have over the past several years.

* Other remarks?
I’m surprised by the poor comments. I certainly hope they didn’t outsource customer service like many other companies do. Of all the customer service people I used for phones, internet, cable and more, GoDaddy is the best!

2008-08-09 @ 05:39

Comment from: dadang Visitor


* How easy was it to sign up?
very easy
* How easy was it to install your software / content?
very easy
* How fast/responsive is the website compared to your expectations?
not bad
* Did you experience some downtime?
* How was your experience with tech/customer support?
very bad . called them 3 times and got 3 different answers

2008-07-18 @ 04:57

Comment from: Bill Visitor


If you are hosting any amount of files DONOT use Godaddy. I had a clan site with them for 4 years and hosted files the whole time. I even was talked into UPGRADING to more storage and bandwidth by their costomer service dept. Well today i got amn email my site is in violation of their TOS due to me hosting a “file repository” Now what was hosted was mods, mappacks, free games ect (Warrock, Combat Arms, Insurgency Mod for example) and I was well under the limit (39 gigs of 150 gigs storage and never even came close to the monthly 1.5 terabyte of transfer) BUT they said I was in violation none the less. Use my case as a warning for clan site or gaming file hosting.

2008-07-15 @ 23:06

Comment from: Cindy Visitor


* How easy was it to sign up?

* How easy was it to install your software / content?
not at all

* How fast/responsive is the website compared to your expectations?
the speed of continental drift

* Did you experience some downtime?
no, because i never got up

* How was your experience with tech/customer support?
horrible. they make everything difficult and contradictory…very long-drawn out process while business slips away from me

* Other remarks?
DON’T go there, not worth the aggravation or the money. it’s cheap but you get what you pay for!

2008-07-12 @ 02:39

Comment from: Jake Visitor


* How easy was it to sign up?
* How easy was it to install your software / content?
easy again
* How fast/responsive is the website compared to your expectations?
there website is slow and sometimes confusing
* Did you experience some downtime?
not yet!
* How was your experience with tech/customer support?
Took over 48 hours to reply when i needed the answer as soon as possible.
* Other remarks?
On prenium hosting (£7 m/o) they say “unlimited domains” but so far i can put the domains on the account but they all root to the main domain, what makes no sence, and there customer service isnt persionlised to what your question is, they just send you a template they probly get from a drop down box, and half the time it doesnt have the information you asked for,

To be honest, im thinking of moving away from godaddy, there site is rubbish what makes everything complicated, they have like 10 screens to do a simple little task where a good provider has about 2.. Hmmm… Doesnt sound good does it? - Don’t go with them becuase of the price, they are prety much rubbish..

2008-06-28 @ 13:53

Comment from: Daj Oberg Visitor

Daj Oberg

I have purchased a number of domains from GoDaddy and considered moving a number of my Web sites to their servers for hosting, but after viewing Bob Parson’s vlogs about the “GoDaddy Girls” and other vlogs by him, I decided to take my business elsewhere.

Why would you repeatedly promote yourself and your company with sophomoric, frat-style “humor” and make your corporate models act like Playboy bunnies? I can only imagine how they treat their female employees in the office.

2008-06-24 @ 19:28

Comment from: Tim Visitor


* How easy was it to sign up?
Screens are salesy and distracting and confusing. They could learn how to make their setup process easier if they’d make it more like using an ATM or Gas pump than the controls of a jumbo jet.

* Did you experience some downtime?
* How was your experience with tech/customer support?
Called once got right thru, person was helpful.

* Other remarks?
Biggest drawback for me: 88|Cannot use SQL Server Mgmt Studio, they make you use their own pages to access it, and its not clear how I’m going to upload data other than preping sql scripts and cutting and pasting it there. Bummer

2008-06-21 @ 23:43

Comment from: Shad Visitor


My experience with GoDaddy customer support has always been first rate. If you call in the evenings it is super easy to get ahold of a real person, unlike some other hosting plans.

2008-06-03 @ 19:58

Comment from: Amy Visitor


* How easy was it to sign up?
Very easy!

* How easy was it to install your software / content?
Also very easy

* How fast/responsive is the website compared to your expectations?
Seems to work just fine for my needs and I have a wallpaper/graphic site

* Did you experience some downtime?
Not yet

* How was your experience with tech/customer support?
So far I’ve been able to find what I needed

* Other remarks?
I love the fact that they offer a true monthly service with no setup fee. If not for that, at this point in time I could not have gotten started. Most companies want to sign you on for at least 6 months or more (and hit you with the bill all at once) and most of us starting out just can’t do that! And what if you don’t like the service?

The only thing I really “don’t” like about GoDaddy is the mature stuff they advertise consistently. I’m sure many guys would not complain about that, LOL, but as a Christian and a woman, I find it pretty offensive and don’t care for it. When I can, I will be moving to a different site and longer contract if needed. I am considering Host Gator, but need to do a bit more research into it as their reviews were not very good, no point in having a site if people will not be able to enjoy it.

If not for the whole mature “girls girls girls” theme, though, I would stay with Go Daddy for as long as I needed hosting.

2008-05-29 @ 14:13

Comment from: cristian Visitor


* How easy was it to sign up?
very easy
* How easy was it to install your software / content?
very easy
* How fast/responsive is the website compared to your expectations?
not bad
* Did you experience some downtime?
* How was your experience with tech/customer support?
very bad . called them 3 times and got 3 different answers
* Other remarks?
i wouldn’t chose them

2008-05-19 @ 23:20

Comment from: Rob Stone Visitor

Rob Stone

* How easy was it to sign up?
Very easy.

* How easy was it to install your software / content?
If you use a regular FTP client, very easy.

* How fast/responsive is the website compared to your expectations?
Fast enough for small, basic sites.

* Did you experience some downtime?
Very little

* How was your experience with tech/customer support?
Very poor. They are not very knowledgable about their service or equipment, what their servers can handle, what extras are installed on their servers (such as Zend or Ioncube Loader, etc.), how to help you if you have script or transfer issues, etc. etc. etc.:no: – now, on the other hand, if you want to know how much you owe them, or they want you to extend your contract, or if they think you should upgrade to a better service (read: more space/bandwidth), they’re excellent at telling you about all that!!!:D

* Other remarks?
One of the few hosting services that still allow you to pay by the month (it seems most want you to pay for a full year or two - which is stupid because if you’re not pleased with the host, you’ve got to go through the hassle of trying to get the money for the unused service back).

Godaddy is good enough for small or personal sites that don’t require much in extras (like a cgi-bin or cron jobs) or use much bandwidth (I host with them). But if you need a heavy duty host, best to move on to someone else.

2008-05-17 @ 02:49

Comment from: Steve Visitor


First, they do NOT allow remote access to databases. I guess I didn’t know enough to ask before purchasing a one year plan. I was trying to figure that out before uploading entire sites. Calling them to ask for help was hit and miss. True issue: I called to ask about how I could go about uploading contents of a second site I’d made a domain for. I was told to use the same FTP info as my original site and things should go fine. I had to point out, a few times, that this would mean I’d have 2 index.html with two different sites being uploaded into the same directory. I was put on hold and then Rep came back to say I was correct, and there were a few other steps to follow with instructions about uploading the second site. Account was closed not 24hrs after it having been opened.

2008-05-08 @ 06:37

Comment from: Rick Clevenger Visitor

Rick Clevenger

* How easy was it to sign up?
Not very easy, too many screens and different places
to go
* How easy was it to install your software / content?
* How fast/responsive is the website compared to your expectations?
Bad, email sux, lots of times can’t find server.
They give you thousands of email boxes, but if you
want a box with more than 10 megs, you have to pay

* Did you experience some downtime?
Yes, email often won’t send

* How was your experience with tech/customer support?
They can’t do anything.

* Other remarks?
Use someone else. I changed after 2 months.

2008-04-18 @ 17:59

Comment from: Mitch Visitor


* How easy was it to sign up?

* How easy was it to install your software / content?

* How fast/responsive is the website compared to your expectations?

* Did you experience some downtime?
yes, the first week the site was down twice

* How was your experience with tech/customer support?
Support sucks, terrible not willing to help out at all.

* Other remarks?
do not support fopen, and any curl that you run on your site has to be ran through their proxy and does not work well at all. Support is terrible and unwilling to help. Currently looking for another host to transfer my site too.

2008-04-15 @ 20:07

Comment from: GEL Visitor


* How easy was it to sign up?
easy as pie
* How easy was it to install your software / content?
just like counting 1 2 3
* How fast/responsive is the website compared to your expectations?
i guess its ok… just like any other websites out there
* Did you experience some downtime?
no none yet
* How was your experience with tech/customer support?
haven;t tried contacting customer support yet… so far… all the instructions i need was available in godaddy’s pages
* Other remarks?
so far so good… will definitely buy other services from them soon

2008-04-12 @ 09:09

Comment from: Samantha Visitor


* How was your experience with tech/customer support?
Not helpful

2008-04-06 @ 16:13

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