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Adult hosting

  December 15, 2007 • Category: News

Every now and then we get feedback from a user complaining that this or that hosting company canceled their account without warning. And when checking up on it it always turns out they were hosting "adult content" or something else which is clearly against the Terms of Service (TOS) of almost all hosting companies.

Most of the time it's outright porn...

For those of you who think it is unfair or discriminatory or whatever, here are a few reasons to help you understand why the vast majority of hosting companies will not allow "adult contents" on their hosting plans:

  • The hosts tend to get a lot of expensive and distracting contacts from the FBI inspecting on child pornography.
  • The sites tend to not publish their content with the appropriate legal disclaimers.
  • They tend to generate above average DMCA complaints.
  • The resource usage is unpredictable and can go wild at any time.
  • Those sites tend to have a short life span and the hosts are statistically left with a lot of unpaid bills.
  • And finally, a very important one: as a hosting company, asking your support staff to deal and help debug sites with a lot of potentially offending graphic content may severely impede on your recruitment options.

Now that being said, there are a couple of companies whose staff actually don't mind, let alone enjoy, working on the latest 21st century creative sex trends or whatever it might be. If you want to do adult hosting go with one of them (Cirtex Hosting for example). If you're not sure, read the TOS! Failure to do so is the best way to get your account canceled. And by all means, don't complain to us!

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Comment from: Adult Web Hosting Roadmap [Visitor]
Adult Web Hosting Roadmap

Its very important to choose a hosting company that accepts adult content if you want to try out the adult webmaster biz. There are alot of hosts that do. Heck even if you dont expect to be hosting porn you will stil be at an advantage if you get hit by spammers and you dont notice it before your hosting company does!

01/12/09 @ 19:52