• How to Include External Photos or Images

    Adding images to your post can be done through both the simple and expert text editor screens. more »
  • Additional Permissions Panel

    Here you can choose whether a user has access to blog stats and messaging. You can also edit their ability to view, edit and upload files, as well as the maximum number of threads they can start. more »
  • Email Envelope Settings

    These settings are use when b2evolution sends out notification emails to users of the site. Sender email address This is the address that will appear in the ‘From:’ field of notification emails sent by b2evolution. Sender name This i… more »
  • Profile Picture widget

    This widget will display the profile picture of the owner of the collection. It can be placed anywhere as each collection will have an owner. Note: This widget will be context-sensitive in the future. Settings [image:8889] The Image size setting… more »
  • Long Description of Collection widget

    This widget will display the long description entered in the General Settings of a Collection. Settings [image:8880] more »
  • Other Options Panel

    The section allows you to choose whether or not new users are required to provide their country, first name, language, and gender when they register. [image:1300:] After a new user registers, you can choose to send them back to the page they were ori… more »
  • Advanced Options Panel

    This panel provides extended configuration for handling files and folders. more »
  • WordPress XML Importer

    This tool lets you import contents from an XML file. The format is compatible with WordPress exports. more »
  • Adding a Blacklist Entry

    If you want to add a keyword or phrase to your Local Blacklist, you must use the form above. Several tasks will be performed by b2evolution after you type an entry and click the button Check & ban…. more »
  • Voting options

    This panel allows you to manage two specific features of the comments. Let your users to rate the posts by adding stars, using a scale that goes from 1 to 5 when compose their comments. Let the users to rate the published comments by defining them as… more »
  • Duplicate Files

    Everytime you upload a file to b2evolution, it calculates and saves a unique hash code based on the content of that file. By storing these hash codes in the database, it is possible to compare them and detect which files are identical from all the files… more »
  • Post by Email - HTML Messages

    Your email inbox could support both HTML or plain text emails. In this panel you are able to add some restrictions to HTML emails. more »
  • Goal Hits

    This view allows you to check all the hits tracked with the goals defined in your site. more »
  • "My Profile" Menu Link widget

    This widget displays a configurable menu entry for "My profile". This differs from normal menu links because it can have a mini profile picture in front of it. It is typically reserved for use in a Menu like the "Menu" container. If… more »
  • Simple Sidebar Links List Widget

    This widget will display a list of all posts of type "Sidebar Links" found in the current collection. Note: this widget is removed in version 6.7.1+ because we don’t have a unique type for "Sidebar Links" any more. However you… more »
  • 3. Specifying the New Collection Settings

    Once you have selected the type of the collection and the skin to use with it, you can now configure it to your liking. You can opt to initialize the new collection with demo contents, organization and users. This can be useful if you just want to test… more »
  • Viewing a conversation

    To view a conversation, click on the Subject of the conversation you are interested in from the Conversations List. more »
  • Default Collections

    This panel lets you select the default Collections to use and display different parts of the site. more »
  • User Fields Panels

    The number of panels in this section may vary, depending on which fields users have been defined in the user profiles using the Add new fields feature. more »
  • Usage Info Panel

    This panel displays the user’s usage of the site in terms of the number of reports made, collections owned, posts created and edited, comments made, sessions created, private messages sent and received. This is also shows when the user was last… more »
  • Info message to reporters after account deletion

    This panel allows the automatic sending of a private message to users who have reported an account whenever that account has been deleted by a moderator. more »
  • Item Type: Features Panel

    This is where you configure if this item type will require a Title, add an optional short title, a content Text, if that text can be HTML, if there can be teaser and page breaks, if files can be attached and if the post can be featured (e-g:… more »
  • Posts View

    This content view displays a table of recent Items for the current collection, listing basic information about each item. more »
  • Poll Answers List

    This panel lists all the possible answers for the poll and the number of times that they were selected by users. more »
  • Item Types allowed for this Item Status

    This Panel lets you enable which Item Types can accept the current Item Statuses. This is useful to narrow down the list of possible Statuses that can be used in the Workflow Panel. more »
  • List action: Change groups

    This Users List feature lets you change the primary group of all accounts in the current selection. This feature can also add/remove the selected users to/from secondary groups. [image:8709:Change groups dialog box:.border.rounded] more »
  • Meta Discussion View

    This page displays and helps you manage the meta comments of the current collection. more »
  • SMTP Server connection settings

    This panel allows you to enable the use of an STMP server and configure its connection settings. more »
  • File Permissions Panel

    This panel allows you to set the file permissions for the edited user group. more »
  • Item Additional Actions Panel

    This panel allows you to send trackbacks to the desired URLs. This will only be displayed if you enable Trackbacks in the Comment Feedback Options panel. more »